Political Ad Diagnoses America with ‘Clinton Fatigue’

Keep the Promise 1/YouTube
Keep the Promise 1/YouTube

A new video ad diagnoses America with “Clinton Fatigue” by hilariously highlighting how exhausting Hillary Clinton’s many, many scandals really are for voters.

The video ad takes place in a hospital ward where bed after bed is filled with people looking bedraggled and listless. As a pair of doctors walk between the beds, they discuss the patients and their ailments.

One doctor tells his associate, “We haven’t seen anything like this since the 90s.”

His female associate says, “They look so lifeless.”

“Well, they’ve been through a lot,” the doctor replies. “Email scandals, questionable donations from foreign governments, cronyism— even pants suits.”

“So awful,” his associate says. “What’s the diagnosis?”

“Clinton Fatigue,” the doctor says gravely.

Finally, as the pair walk off-screen, the female doctor says plaintively, “so sad,” and loudspeakers call out, “Paging Dr. Cruz. Dr. Cruz, please report to the emergency room.”

Fittingly, the ad is titled, “Clinton Fatigue.”

The ad was created by Keep the Promise I, a political PAC backing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“It is clear which Republican candidate can beat Hillary Clinton — someone whose fresh ideas and bold leadership show contrast to her sneaky, shopworn ones,” said PAC president Kellyanne Conway in a press release announcing the video.

“Nothing personifies what’s broken and exhausting about Washington quite like Hillary Clinton,” Conway continued. “In contrast, Ted Cruz has shown courage challenging Washington’s power, corruption and cronyism. He’s a proven leader and winner and someone that we believe will rescue America from the strongholds of special interest back room dealing that hurts everyday Americans and has become business as usual in Washington.”

“Americans have Clinton Fatigue — they are tired of the same old ideas, same old political entitlement, same old personal enrichment, same old casual relationship with the truth. It’s time for a new generation with innovative ideas and integrity to take the reins and Ted Cruz is the leader to do it,” Conway concluded.

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