EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Ashley Madison Account Created at College He Taught at

Hunter Biden AP

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s account on the extramarital dating website Ashley Madison was used and likely created on the Georgetown University campus while Biden was teaching there.

Business executive Robert “Hunter” Biden, reportedly an adviser to his father’s political career, told Breitbart News Monday that he suspected his enemies of creating a fake Ashley Madison account for him in order to discredit him. The email address provided for “Robert Biden’s” account matched a personal email address once used by Biden, the vice president’s son confirmed. (EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden: Ashley Madison Account Created In My Name By America’s Enemies).

Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. A source close to Biden told People Magazine after the first Breitbart story ran that the IP address for the account traces to Jacksonville, Florida.

But account information shows that the profile, which was confirmed by a credit card purchase in 2014, was used at the latitude/longitude point of 38.912682, -77.071704.

That latitude-longitude point just happens to exist on the Georgetown University campus, at an administrative building on Reservoir Road. And Hunter Biden just happened to be teaching there around the time the account was set up.

Georgetown adjunct assistant professor Robert Hunter Biden taught a Spring 2014 semester class at Georgetown called “Art of Advocacy In and Out of Government.” The three-credit class, the only one Biden ever taught, was a lecture at Georgetown’s Intercultural Center, which is located on Reservoir Road less than a third of a mile from the point where the account was created, according to Google Maps, which is not 100 percent precise but close when it comes to finding the exact origin point of the account. Though the class wrapped about six weeks before the account was confirmed, teachers and professors often return to the campus for grading and other endeavors.

The IP address associated with Biden’s account shows that the account user was on a Mobile device. An expert tells Breitbart News that the latitude/longitude location was flagged during the account setup process.

The account’s owner tried to make a credit card purchase confirming the account on June 25, 2014 with a Visa card for $268.99, which would have given him membership on the site at the “Affair Guarantee” level. The issuing bank declined that purchase and reported it as possible fraud, which an expert tells Breitbart News means that the information the account-holder gave matched the card exactly and the purchase was attempted over a cell phone, triggering an alarm.

Faced with the new information, representatives for Biden said that the vice president’s son would not comment on the story beyond his original statements to Breitbart News denying that the account was his.


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