Jorge Ramos: Latinos Won’t Forget Trump Promoting Bigotry and Hatred

Sunday on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,”  while discussing his confrontation with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump last week at a press conference, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said next year at the polls Latino voters “won’t forget,” Trump “promoting in his speeches bigotry and hatred.”

Ramos said, “I think it’s very important that as journalists we challenge those who are in power. And I think it’s very dangerous that he wants to do the mass deportation in history, that would cost more than $137 billion. And I think it’s very dangerous that he’s promoting in his speeches bigotry and hatred against immigrants. After I was expelled from that press conference, I saw a man, a Trump sympathizer who said, get out of my country. Interesting because I’m also a U.S. citizen, but this happened just seconds after he told me, go back to Univision. Those messages of hatred that’s precisely what Trump is promoting.”

He added, “If Donald Trump wants to change this country the way he’s proposing, he has to be challenged, And this is what’s going to happen. Latinos won’t forget this. 60 million Latinos will go to the polls next year and, just to put in perspective, that number, President Barack Obama won by less than 5 million votes. In other words, Latinos could define this election.”

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