Nevada Couple Face Loss of Foster Children Because Father Retrieved Gun For Self-Defense


Kristi and Rod Beber have been foster parents to “over a hundred kids,” but they fear they are about the lose the ones they have now because Rod grabbed a gun and went out the front of the house to protect the family during an alleged disturbance in their front yard in April.

The matter was resolved without a shot being fired, without a physical injury being incurred, and without a police report being filed–although police showed up on scene after Kristi called 911.

Nevertheless, News 3 reports that Nevada Department of Family Services (DFS) “pulled the Bebers’ foster license” and told the Bebers that Rod’s reaction to the disturbance did not sound like “an adult exercising sound judgment.” They also said state law “forbids any foster parent from having a loaded firearm in their home, regardless of the situation.”

Kristi and Rod were crushed, and Kristi has since been begging DFS not make her hand over her foster kids to a state run home.

At the same time, Rod has been pointing out that the law regarding firearms in a foster home changed in June–the law now allows “foster parents…to have a gun loaded and out of their safe for lawful purposes, namely to protect their family.”

But despite these pleas and the change in the law, DFS has yet to change its decision to take the children away.

On March 5 Breitbart News reported a similar situation in Nevada in which Brian and Valerie Wilson were denied foster kids because they legally carry guns for self-defense. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) took up the fight on behalf of the Wilsons and other foster parents. It was her bill, AB 167, which was signed into law in June and which allows foster parents to keep a gun and ammunition in the family home for self-defense and to carry a gun on their person “in the presence of a child” outside the home if they have a concealed carry permit.

Rod Beber has a permit to carry concealed.

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