9/11: Our Yearly Reminder

Ground Zero

On September 10, 2001, our leaders in Washington were happy to be debating things like Kennedy-Boehner education reform and McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform.

Despite the 1998 terrorist attacks on our embassies in Africa and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, Republicans and Democrats alike were still relying largely on the oceans that separate us from the rest of the world to keep us safe. They all went to bed that night naïve, unprepared, and focused on the wrong issues. Then we all woke up on that beautiful Tuesday morning and watched hell unfold.

So here we are on another beautiful September day fourteen years later and the war with Islamic terrorists is still being waged by these terrorists around the world, day in and day out, non-stop. But here at home, our leaders can’t seem to focus and decide on a policy to once and for all defeat these thugs who wish to destroy America and everything we hold dear.

What is the current state of the war? The Middle East continues to erupt, ISIS is on the march, Al Qaeda is alive and kicking, and lone wolf terrorists are acting out all over the United States of America. Yet President Obama and his administration still can’t acknowledge the actual problem that is so clearly radical Islam. The truth is that if you can’t even get to step one, a successful policy can’t get off the ground. Citizens United has a policy for ISIS and it’s quite simple: Acknowledge it; confront it; and destroy it. By any means necessary, wherever they are in the world. For the sake of future generations, we need to handle this problem without delay before it gets any larger, because right now it’s a cancer that is growing.

Over the past six and half years, has Obama’s decision to call the enemy extremists instead of Islamic terrorists helped our situation? The enemy is emboldened today because they know the current administration will not go all in to win the war. Obama, Biden, Clinton, and company are content with a window-dressing type policy–which is a losing policy–because you can’t win a war by going half way. It’s overwhelming American strength and determination, not weakness and arbitrary withdrawal dates that will take these thugs down for good.

No other country is going to lead in this struggle. The United States of America must commit to this whether we like it or not. The problem is not just overseas anymore; it’s all around us and it’s only going to get worse unless we stand up to it and do what’s necessary. Each year, September 11th has become our yearly reminder to remain vigilant or suffer the consequences. It’s shameful that so many of our political leaders have chosen to return to a September 10, 2001 mentality. As if we needed another reason to get off the couch and work harder than ever to help elect a conservative Republican candidate as our 45th president in 2016. God Bless America.


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