Final Solution for Climate Skeptics

REUTERS/British Antarctic Survey/Handout
REUTERS/British Antarctic Survey/Handout

I disagree with (euphemism alert) “liberals” all the time. But it has never occurred to me to attempt to silence them, jail them or worse. Too bad they can’t say the same thing.

Twenty climate alarmist “scientists” wrote to President Obama this week requesting that the Department of Justice investigate climate skeptics under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) Act — a law intended for the prosecution of actual organized crime rings like the Mafia.

The scientists didn’t think of this on their own. They got the idea from vacuum-packed Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who first proposed the idea back in May in the wake of the entirely trumped up controversy over climate skeptic Willie Soon’s research funding.

Not to be out done, I suppose, UK lawyer Philippe Sands this week told an audience at the UK’s Supreme Court that the International Court of Justice should just decide that climate science is settled so as to once and for all quash those pesky climate skeptics.

But given, for example, that just in the past week two conflicting papers on the existence of the 18-year global warming pause were published, it’s not exactly clear how the Court would decide what precisely the science is. As anyone who follows the global warming controversy knows, these are not nearly the first efforts made by warmists to silence the skeptics.

In 2006, then-Grist writer Dave Roberts suggested that skeptics be put on trial as were the Nazi war criminals in Nuremberg. Ex-NASA climate alarmist James Hansen, after likening coal trains to death trains of the Holocaust, suggested in 2008 that the CEOs  of coal and oil companies “should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature.” Given that many Nazi war criminals were made to swing for their crimes, Hansen’s implication is clear. An Austrian professor came right out and stated that climate “deniers” should get the death penalty.

Climate skeptics have been harassed and hounded from their positions as state climatologists, universities and the government. Alarmist groups vigorously try to keep skeptics out of the media, bombarding their outlets with voluminous hate mail if a media personality dare express skepticism. Media outlets have publicly stated that they will not publish the views of climate skeptics. Large PR firms have announced they will not have skeptics or fossil fuel companies as clients. Skeptics have all been all but blackballed from publishing in scientific journals. If we skeptics had store fronts, their glass windows would have been shattered long ago.

There are many other examples of climate alarmists trying to shut up, shut down and shut-out skeptics. They do this for the simple reason that the alarmists can’t beat skeptics in the global warming debate and so, like those of a totalitarian nature always do, desperately turn to their psychopathic intolerance.

Even if the climate alarmists were correct — and there is no indication they are so or are anything other than pathological liars — there are many things worse than a little sea level rise or some extra bad weather. One of those things is totalitarian society. Review your 20th century history if you don’t believe me.

Steve Milloy publishes (@JunkScience).


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