Liberals Don’t Want Equality, They Want Revenge

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You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: “We just want equality for all,” “Everyone needs to pay their ‘fair share,’” “They’re being oppressed,” “Conservatives are rich white people who don’t care about anyone but themselves.”

Frankly, I’ve had enough, and it’s time to tell it like it is.

The progressive movement, at its core, is not truly about helping people, equality, or compassion; it is all about control and revenge.

Liberals want to control how much sugar you consume, whether you buy health insurance or not, where your kids go to school (by stopping school choice), if and when you can talk on your cell phone in a car, what your kids are allowed to eat for lunch,  how much electricity you can use before paying an extra tax, whether you can use gender hostile words such as “he” or “she,” and then after slaving away for your entire life to build a home and financial nest egg for your loved ones, liberals want to tax your grieving family members who have inherited your assets when you die.

We’re told over and over these policies are necessary in order to help those desperately in need: the starving, the sick, the homeless, and the downtrodden. If only U.S. conservatives could stop being so selfish, all of the world’s problems would be solved!

The only problem is even a momentary glance at “progressive” strongholds shows their policies do nothing to help down-on-their luck Americans.

Detroit, a city dominated by the Democrat machine for decades, is one of America’s “most miserable cities,” which should come as no surprise considering it has one of the highest rates of violent crime, arson crime, and poverty. Of the top seven cities that experienced the highest increase in murders thus far in 2015, six (Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Chicago) have almost exclusively been run by liberals over the past 50 years. Of America’s top 10 most impoverished cities, as reported by CBS News, seven are full-blown progressive bastions.

If liberalism is all about helping lower-income Americans, why can’t it seem to produce any positive results? The only places in America that are flourishing and consistently elect leftist politicians are those that were already in great shape before liberals took over: places like the People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There’s no denying that many people who identify as liberal want to help their neighbors and believe leftist policies will get the job done, but a true-blue, hardcore progressive knows deep in his or her bleeding heart that liberal policies can ever really be effective until that golden day comes when the government swoops in and takes control of absolutely everything. For these Margaret Sanger-adoring, Barack Obama sycophants, every leftist policy implemented today accomplishes only two goals: 1.) It is a small step toward a big government utopia run completely by the intellectual elites who know more than the blue collar, sweat-stained masses in backwoods towns across the American landscape ever could. 2.) It works as an act of revenge against one segment of society or another that once stood in the way of a particular faction of the liberal confederacy.

Progressivism is really a patchwork movement composed of diametrically opposed groups. Radical feminists, radical Muslims (not all Muslims), socialists, communists, some extremists in the labor unions, far-left environmentalists, and many more “disenfranchised” minorities stand together as the Coalition of the Smiley Face, whose only common goal is to destroy a number of American conservative groups that at one time or another—in theory or in reality—mistreated one of the Coalition members.

Christians, capitalists, libertarians, social conservatives, conservative military people, and constitutionalists are all on the Coalition’s black list. Only after each group is systematically destroyed can progressivism actually replace what we think of as traditional Western Civilization with a more “civilized” and “modern” way of governing.

How can a group of former outcasts destroy institutionalized and established conservative groups? Predominately through messaging and indoctrination. Leftists takeover schools, teaching our children that the “old” and “outdated” beliefs of prior generations are dangerous and evil.

Leftists control the media and use it to target high-profile individuals, who are made into cautionary tales about what happens to those who dare fight against the Coalition. Characters are regularly assassinated by making the world believe a person or group is racist, bigoted, misogynistic, greedy, or selfish. History is written, then rewritten, and then rewritten again to suit the needs of the times (Remember when Earth was about to enter an ice age? Then it was all about “global warming,” which shifted suddenly to “climate change.” Now, we’re back at flirting with a new ice age.)

Anything and everything will be said to destroy progressives’ pro-liberty enemies, and it’s working. Liberals wrap themselves up in the American flag, lament the plight of the impoverished, and then proceed to rob the “little guy” they so frequently claim they defend by plundering his rights, his dignity, his religion, and his wallet.

And someday, when all the wretched American conservatives are defeated, the Coalition of the Smiley Face will no longer be unified by a common enemy. The contradicting values held by radical feminists and radical Muslims or by radical environmentalists and radical labor unions will tear away at the seams of the Coalition’s fabric. The bloodthirsty backstabbing that’s sure to follow will make Game of Thrones look like Singin’ in the Rain.

How sad that a nation that once cried out “Death to Tyrants” now floods 28,000-seat stadiums to chant for tyrants such as Bernie Sanders.

The end of liberty is near, unless we stand strong now, unify around one presidential candidate, and stop it.

Justin Haskins is a conservative writer, editor of a pro-liberty think tank, and the founder of the Society of Compassionate Conservatives. Opinions are his own. You can follow him @TheNewRevere.


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