Donald Trump Dominates GOP Field; Weakest Against Hillary

Donald Trump
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As Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump gears up his campaign with a $20 million ad buy (his first), the latest round of national and swing state polls show that the media narrative surrounding his imminent demise has been greatly exaggerated. The polls also show that Trump is the weakest of the top five Republicans in a general election campaign match-up with Hillary Clinton.

The media has spent the last week speculating if Trump will drop out of the race. These polls show that it is Jeb Bush who should be fielding these questions. Bush is not only drowning, he is doing so while spending millions and millions of dollars.

On “Morning Joe” this morning “Weekly Standard” editor Bill Kristol said that “Donald Trump has probably destroyed Jeb Bush.” These polls back that up.



The latest national polls show Trump with a commanding lead over his Republican opponents. The left-leaning Public Policy Polling firm has The Donald way out front with 27%. His next closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, is -10 down at 17%.

The latest Ipsos /Reuters national poll has Trump at 33%, beating second and third place (Carson, Jeb Bush) combined.



In Florida, Quinnipiac shows that Trump is crushing his rivals with 28% support. Carson is second with 16%. Florida sons Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio sit at 12% and 14%, respectively. Trump’s support in Florida beats Bush and Rubio combined. That’s extraordinary.

In Ohio, Trump is crushing favorite son and current Republican governor John Kasich, 23% to 13%. Trump leads in the state. Carson is in second place with 18%. Cruz 11%;  Fiorina 10%; Rubio 7%; Bush sits at a pathetic 4%.

The song is the same in Pennsylvania. Trump leads with 23%. Carson is in second place with 17%. Rubio 12%; Bush 4%; Fiorina 8%; Cruz 6%%.



In the general election, as of now, Trump is by far the weakest of the top five candidates when polled against Hillary.

Per Quinnipiac, in head-to-head match ups, Clinton beats Trump in Florida by +5 points, by +1% in Ohio, and +2% in Pennsylvania.

Bush and Rubio beat Hillary in Florida by +1%.

In Ohio, Bush +2%;  Fiorina +2%; Rubio +4%, and Carson +9%,  beat Hillary.

In Pennsylvania, Bush +6%, Fiorina +4%, Rubio +3%, and Carson +9% beat Clinton. 

The other news out of these polls is that the once safe Blue State of Pennsylvania is a definite swing state.


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