Pharrell Endorses Hillary: ‘Women Think About Things in a Holistic Way’

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Music figure Pharrell Williams stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, where he endorsed Hillary Clintons 2016 presidential bid.

“It’s time for a woman to be in there,” said Williams, after being asked about his thoughts on the upcoming election.

“Women think about things in a holistic way, it’s not just so individual. I’m saying I’m happy to be a man, but I love women, and, um, the thing is, if we had somebody looking after our country, um, that thought about things as a whole, I just feel like it just would be different.”

“Not that I don’t love our current president, I just feel like it’s Hillary time,” he added.

The Grammy winner described the United States as “a land of opportunity,” but said people get easily “sensationalized.”

“People are like, ‘Okay, we need a president that we can play Scrabble and Celebrity with, but that’s not who’s gonna solve your problems. You need somebody that’s gonna take it serious.”

“She does have a serious tone,” said Williams, adding, “when things get done it’s by somebody who’s being serious about it.”

The “Come Get It Bae” singer concluded: “There’s some serious ladies out there right now.”

Watch the Ellen segment below:


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