Media Fail: Americans #1 Fear is Government Corruption

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In a Chapman University poll of 1541 adult Americans about their fears and anxieties, number one by a country mile, with 58%, was the fear of corrupt government officials. This is yet another piece of the puzzle that explains why our media is so out of touch and why our pundits have been so wrong about everything for so long.

While our media overlords in Washington DC and Manhattan relentlessly push to further-empower government by presenting government as the solution to every problem, 58% of the American people see government as their worst fear.

This can’t be good news for Hillary Clinton.

How out of touch is our media? More people fear gun control (36.5%) and ObamaCare (35.7%) than they do illness (34.4%), a nuclear attack (33.6%) or — get this — Global Warming (30.7%).

People are more afraid of government bureaucrats, gun control, and ObamaCare than they are of unemployment (23.8%).

Here’s the real kicker. Despite the media’s attempt to paint their Global Warming hoax as an imminent catastrophe and illegal immigration as the bringer of candy-colored rainbows and chocolate rivers, people are almost as afraid of illegal immigration (29.7%) as they are of Global Warming (30.7%).

Moreover, despite a two-year propaganda campaign based almost exclusively on lies, only 12.2% named Hate Crimes.

Despite what the media tells you, losing faith in government is actually very healthy for our society. It breeds self-reliance, and there is nothing better for the human spirit than self-reliance.


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