Obama Greets Muslim Boy Who Declares Americans Are Anti-Muslim ‘Racists’

Ahmed Mohamed "Clock Boy" meeting President Obama
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Barack Obama used a White House science event to greet a 14-year-old Muslim youth who has toured the Arab world declaring Americans to be anti-Muslim racists.

Obama’s public greeting was the second gift that Obama has given to the Texas-based Mohamed family, even though the father arranged the recent anti-American tour to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Sudan, all of which are Muslim theocracies.

On Sept. 14, the youth was briefly detained when teachers and police in Irving, Texas, grew concerned that the boy’s strange clock-in-a-box “invention” might be intended as a hoax bomb.

On Sept. 16, Obama voluntarily supercharged the family’s loud complaints about the son’s detention.

The family’s anti-American propaganda — which is aided, boosted and used by the jihad-linked CAIR advocacy group — is likely powered by the father’s political ambitions to be a successful Muslim politician in his homeland, Sudan, a Muslim theocracy south of Egypt.

The man has twice run for office in his home country, and runs a political operation from the United States. The father, and his political operation, disseminate claims that the 2001 Muslim attack on the Twin Towers was actually conducted by a secretive American group, not by the many Muslims who actually committed – or cheered – the atrocity in the name of the Muslim deity, Allah.

The family’s anti-American propaganda continued right up to the visit to the Oct. 19 White House by the oldest son, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed. “I’m going to talk to him [Obama] about, like, how hard it is growing up in America,” the youth told Yahoo.com, shortly before he visited the White House. “It was pretty hard living in America and going to school being Muslim.” Income per person in all-Muslim Sudan is roughly $1,710.  That’s only 1/32 of the average annual income in the United States.
The family also accuses Texas teachers and police of racism, despite the national concern — emphasized by Obama — about school shootings. “If I was a Caucasian male, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten arrested,” Ahmed said the morning before meeting Obama. Back in the family’s Sudanese homeland, Arab northerners waged a genocidal war against Africans living in the south of the country. The war included – and still includes – slave-taking by Arabs, which is endorsed by Islam, Sudan’s established religion.

In sharp contrast, Ahmed’s father was born in Sudan, but he was welcomed when he immigrated in the 1980s, and was allowed to become a citizen of the United States. Subsequently, he was allowed to bring his non-working mother into the United States. In response, on Oct. 13, the boy declared Sudan to be his home, shortly before he met and hugged the country’s dictator, who is facing war-crimes charges for his genocidal war against southern Christians and African-Americans.

The boy hugged the dictator just six days before Obama greeted the boy at the White House.

In his visit to Obama, the boy did not bring his clock, which consists of a commercial wall-clock, dismantled, and then placed inside a small metal-looking school pencil box. When the box is closed, the clock face cannot be seen. When the clock is plugged into the wall, the dismantled electrical wiring is a health hazard.

Since then, the boy and his supporters have declared Americans to be “racist” and intolerant of individual Muslims because of routine American opposition to Islam’s theocratic, violent, supremacist and intolerant ideas.

Obama’s political use of the Texas incident was highlighted by Sen. Ted Cruz, who is runnig to replace Obama in 2016.

“President Obama, at every stage, tries to politicize what happens, whether it is this teenager here in Texas, whether it is the shootings we saw in the Pacific Northwest,” Cruz said Oct. 18.

“Over and over again, sadly, he seeks to try to divide us, to try to tear us apart. The president really ought to be looking for ways to bring us together, to unify us,” Cruz added

Obama’s political support of the anti-American family was echoed by Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate in the 2016, race. She endorsed the family’s claim of unfair treatment in a Sept. 16 tweet.

Many other progressives assumed the family’s claims were true, and boosted them online.

“Ahmed Mohamed Is the Muslim Hero America’s Been Waiting for; It took a nerd with guts to stand up against the most Islamophobic part of the country,” said an Oct. 16 story in The Daily Beast by Dean Obeidallah.

The detention was “one vivid example of overt Islamophobia in America,” claimed Vox.com.

The term,”Islamophobia,” is used by Islamist and secular progressives to smear critics of their political alliance as paranoid.

Islamist media also used Obama’s support for the unjustified claims.

In an Sept. 17 interview with Al Jazeera, the Arab region’s largest broadcaster, the interviewer asked why he was arrested, and the boy responded “because I’m Muslim.”

The new visibility given by Obama prompted the boy and his father to repeat their claims about racism and paranoia to Arab and Turkish media, even in New York City, where his fellow Muslims implement Islam’s jihad doctrine as they murdered 2,650 Americans and foreigners in 2001.

“My dream is to raise consciousness against racism and discrimination,” he said at a New York press event with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, according to an article in the Turkish newspaper, HurriyetDailyNews.com.

Muslim political associations in the United States, including a New York police group and the jihad-linked CAIR group, also used Obama’s tweet to magnify the boy’s claims claims of racism and anti-Muslim worldwide. Those claims match their repeated claim that Muslims in the United States need their protection from bigoted and paranoid “Islamophobic” Americans.

CAIR even used the boy’s claim to help raise funds for its Islamist advocacy in the United States. Two days before Obama greeted the boy at the White House, CAIR touted their close association with him by awarding him the “American Muslim of the Year.” award. The CAIR group did not give their award to a Muslim-born Turk who had just won the Muslim world’s second Nobel science prize.

Obama’s support for Islamist groups has a long history.

In 2009, he told an Egyptian audience that “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” Obama also invited officials from the banned Muslim Brotherhood group to his speech.

In 2010, Obama did not try to aid the popular pro-democracy movement in theocratic Iran.

From 2009 to September 11, 2012, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt. He backed away after the brotherhood’s theocratic government proved unable to defend U.S. embassies and consular sites in Cairo, Benghazi and other cities in September 2012.

In 2012, Obama told a worldwide audience gathered at the United Nations General Assembly that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

In July 2015, Obama told a New York Times columnist that Iran “should be a regional power,” despite Iran’s theocratic and official hatred of the United States, and its Americans and American interests. Since then, Obama and the Senate Democrats have approved a treaty allowing Iran to build a nuclear-weapons force after 2025.


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