Previously Deported Honduran Kidnapped and Raped Missouri Woman, Says FBI

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A previously deported illegal alien from Honduras re-entered the U.S. and then kidnapped and raped a Missouri woman at knife-point in the presence of her 2-year-old infant, according to the federal authorities. The Honduran was illegally in the U.S. until he was deported for domestic violence. He then re-entered the U.S. illegally again, was caught, then deported once again. He re-entered for a third time and made his way to Missouri where he allegedly kidnapped and raped the woman repeatedly over at least 24 hours.

According to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

On June 7, 2014, Amaya-Vasquez was arrested in Kansas City and charged with domestic assault against the victim referenced in the complaint. After he was removed from the United States by immigration authorities on July 7, 2014, Amaya-Vasquez was caught trying to illegally enter the United States on Sept. 9, 2014. He was incarcerated for 30 days and removed from the United States on Oct. 22, 2014. On Feb. 14, 2005, he was again arrested trying to enter the country and failed to make his required July 13, 2005 immigration court appearance.

On May 23, 2015, Amaya-Vasquez met the victim in the parking lot of the Burlington Coat factory in Independence, Missouri. Amaya-Vasquez allegedly entered the victim’s vehicle, threatened her with a knife and instructed her to follow him. The victim’s two-year old child was in the vehicle. The victim followed Amaya-Vasquez to an abandoned house in Kansas City, where he allegedly raped her.

U.S. authorities say that the Honduran, José Amaya-Vasquez, kept the woman and her child overnight and continuously raped her. The alleged abduction occurred in the parking lot of a Burlington Coat Factory in Independence, Missouri.

Authorities did not indicate which sector of the porous U.S.-Mexico border the Honduran continued to cross, or if the crossings were done in the same place each time. As Breitbart Texas previously reported, U.S. authorities routinely deport sex offenders who then secretly return and spread out across the U.S.

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