Cher Doesn’t Think Jeb Can ‘Fix It’

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One-time GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush relaunched his campaign in Tampa, FL on Monday with a new slogan: “Jeb Can Fix It.” By lunchtime, the mantra had become an internet punchline, but no individual in either party was more skeptical than Cher.

The songstress, a loyal Democrat who formerly made up half of the 1960s pop duo Sonny & Cher, has been a vocal analyst of the Republican Party on Twitter all year, but has reserved most of the heavy criticism for pack leader Donald Trump.

That was until a week ago, when she took to her page to champion Trump as a “Giant” among the competition inside his own party.

Aside from referring to Jeb as a “sad sack” on a post in September, Cher has made little mention of the former Florida Governor, whose father and brother served a combined 12 years in the White House.

But after the release of “Fix It” Jeb’s new slogan Monday, which was intended to rebrand the struggling candidate as a man who is ready to get the job done, the 69-year-old unloaded, and in all CAPS (so you know she’s serious).

The singer joins scores of other tweeters, who unleashed their keyboards against a last-ditch effort of what many are viewing as a dying campaign.

“This election is not about a set of personalities. It’s about a set of principles. It is about leadership,” Bush told a crowd of Floridians Monday during a speech that went after President Obama, Donald Trump, and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Touting his record as the state’s governor, Jeb set out to distinguish himself as a candidate ready to stand up for conservative principles. While his “Florida Story” may have fired up supporters in Tampa, he didn’t win over too many people on the Internet, which in the age of instant memes and viral sharing, sure helps.


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