Poll: Carson, Trump Beat Hillary in Florida; Jeb, Rubio Lose


A Survey USA poll of 2712 registered voters in Florida taken between Wednesday and Sunday (or four post-CNBC debate days) shows that in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton, outsiders Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson would defeat the former-Secretary of State, while establishment favorites (and hometown boys) Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio would lose to the likely Democrat nominee.

Oh, and contrary to the incessant Narratives emanating from our corrupt DC Media, in this must-win swing state of Florida, when up against Clinton, Trump is doing +1 point better with Hispanics than Jeb, and a full +7 points better than the Hispanic Rubio.

Against Hillary, Trump also does better with women than either Rubio or Bush.

Just another reminder that rather than report the truth, the DC Media reports what it wishes was the truth.

Trump defeats Clinton 47% to 43%. He wins males by 53% to 39%, and only loses with females by -5 points, 42% to 47%. Trump wins 35% of Non-Cuban Hispanics, compared to Clinton’s 57%.

Carson beats Clinton 47% to 44%. He wins males by 50% to 40%, and loses with females by only -5 points, 43% to 48%. Carson wins 36% of Non-Cuban Hispanics, compared to Hillary’s 60%.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush loses to Clinton 44% to 46%. He loses with females by -8 points, 41% to 49% and picks up 34% of Non-Cuban Hispanics compared to 56% for Clinton.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio loses to Clinton 45% to 46%. He is behind -7 points with females, 42% to 49%. Only 28% of Non-Cuban Hispanics support him, compared to 64% for Hillary.

Carly Fiorina loses to Clinton 42% to 48%. The former-Hewlett Packard CEO loses with females by -13 points, 38% to 51%. Only 27% of Non-Cuban Hispanics support Fiorina, compared to 65% for Clinton.

In the respective primaries, Trump is trouncing his closest rival, Carson, by 20 points, 37% to 17%. Rubio sits at 16%, while Jeb is sinking at 7%.

Trump is beating his GOP rivals with women (33% support), Hispanics (41% support), on every issue, and pretty much every demographic.

Hillary is trouncing Bernie Sanders 66% to 24%.


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