‘Fair and Balanced’ SuperPAC: Disney, Former Obama Staffer Plan Hit On Fox News


When is a pro-Hillary SuperPAC not a pro-Hillary SuperPAC?

How do Hillary Clinton supporters funnel millions of corporate dollars into Hillary Clinton’s coffers without funneling millions of corporate dollars into Hillary Clinton’s coffers?

How is this all done legally and with no media scrutiny?

When it comes to how these gigantic left-wing multinational entertainment corporations produce what amounts to millions of dollars in in-kind contributions to Democrats, everything is so hidden in plain sight that it can sometimes be difficult to connect the dots. Which, of course, is the whole idea.

This is how the shell game begins..

The entertainment media plays along by making the headline as innocuous as possible: “‘Fair And Balanced’ News Channel Comedy Starring Kal Penn From ‘Harold & Kumar’ Writers In Works At ABC.”

The story doesn’t tell you much more.

Here is what is really going on:

Kal Penn is a former Obama White House staffer. Sure, he’s made a serious splash in the world of entertainment, but he is a political animal to his core, and a cunning one.

The sitcom in question, “Fair and Balanced,” is going to ridicule and attempt to further marginalize Fox News, possibly sometime next year.

If so, next year is a presidential election year.

If not, the sitcom still benefits Democrats.

If it is next year, Democrat Hillary Clinton will be running for president and every television news outlet, other than Fox News, will be doing everything in its power to elect Hillary Clinton president.

Here’s where it gets especially juicy…

The sitcom is going to be developed by and air on the ABC television network.

ABC News has made former Clinton staffer, George Stephanopoulos, the face of its brand.

ABC is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group.

The Disney-ABC Television Group president is Ben Sherwood.

Ben Sherwood worked closely with Stephanopoulos for 10 years as executive producer of “Good Morning America” and later as president of ABC News.

Ben Sherwood’s sister, Elizabeth Sherwood, is a Special Advisor to President Obama.

The Disney-ABC Television group is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Bob Iger is president of the Walt Disney Company.

Bob Iger is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Bob Iger has not only contributed $400,000 to Clinton and other Democrats

…Bob Iger memory-holed the highly rated “Path to 9/11” miniseries because it told the truth about the mistakes Bill Clinton made in not aggressively pursuing 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

So what you have here is the ultimate Hillary Clinton SuperPAC.

Iger, Sherwood, and Penn get together, figure out a way to marginalize the only news network that will critically report on Hillary Clinton during a crucial election year, and then approve the use of millions upon millions of corporate dollars to marginalize that network through network satire.

And it’s all “legal.”

None of the money involved has to be reported as a campaign contribution.

That DC Media also plays along.

The same DC Media that pretends to hate outside money in politics will not only not squawk about this shady use of millions of corporate dollars to aid Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, they will not even report on Disney’s shady, pro-Hillary shell game.

Democrats sure got it good.


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