Former GE CEO: Affluent Seniors Buying Handguns in Face of Terror Threat

AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Will Vragovic
AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Will Vragovic

On December 16, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch said affluent seniors are buying up handguns in the face of the growing terror threat.

Welch was appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box when he said, “You can’t believe in my community of people 60 and over buying handguns, Everywhere you look, wealthy 60-year-old people are buying handguns.”

He said the purchasing spree is in response to the growing terror threat but is also indicative of the fact that people are just “sick” of having gun control pushed on them. Welch believes Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is doing so well because he has tapped into this frustration. He said, “In my view, Donald Trump has touched an enormous nerve. We’re sick of Washington.”

To be fair, Welch did criticize “AK-47-style rifles,” which he said should not be available. But the American people do not agree with him. On December 16, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that opposition to an “assault weapons” ban is at its highest level ever, with 53 percent of the American people opposing it. Moreover, support for an “assault weapons” ban—which was at 80 percent in 1994—has fallen to 45 percent.

An AR-15 is a formidable home defense weapon.

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