Powerful Homosexual Group Threatens Christian Colleges and Universities


The anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign is asking the federal government to harass Christian schools that have asked for or been granted waivers that would allow them to live out their Christian faith.

The 1972 Title IX amendments prohibiting sex discrimination in hiring, housing, and employment at schools receiving federal funds is at issue. The law allows religious schools to opt out of the requirements.

On the heels of their huge Supreme Court win in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision mandating homosexual marriage coast to coast, the radical LGBT establishment is looking for their next win. They believe they have found it in going after religious companies and employers who may hold that accepting a normalization of the homosexual agenda is against their religious beliefs.

Though the 1972 law has nothing to do with homosexual identity, homosexual activity, or so-called transsexuality, the $50 million-a-year Human Rights Campaign is nonetheless asking the federal government to put pressure on any school that has asked for or received such an exemption.

According to a recent report issued by the group, which has a history of targeting Christians, 56 schools have been granted religious freedom exemptions from the law. They claim such exemptions are dangerous for homosexual or transsexual students.

The group is asking the federal government “to regularly report which educational institutions have been granted Title IX religious exemptions and the scope of the exemptions; add Title IX religious exemptions as a searchable College Navigator.” The homosexual group is asking Congress to require the Department of Education “to submit an annual report… [on] compliance and enforcement activities.”

The homosexual Human Rights Campaign issued a report earlier this year, funded by billionaire Paul Singer, that targeted Christian groups working to promote marriage in foreign countries. The group also issues an annual report grading companies on how well they treat homosexual and transsexual employees, the obvious threat being targeted for public shaming for not agreeing to the homosexual agenda.

There was a time not long ago when the homosexual establishment insisted all they wanted was legal recognition of their relationships. It is clear their demands are now ranging far afield of that request.

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