Navarro: A Trump Nomination Would Be ‘Very Bad’ for GOP Senators Running

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” political commentator and Jeb Bush supporter Ana Navarro said if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee it would be very bad for Republican senators in purple and blue states.

Navarro said, “I don’t know. there’s going lot of us in a really funky mood if Trump is in fact the nominee. I think it going to be strange. I think you’ll have a bunch of unusual suspects at the convention if it ends up being Donald Trump. I sense that a Donald Trump nomination would be very bad for some of the senators. Folks running statewide in some of the purple and blue states — people like Kelly Ayotte, like Rob Portman So I’m not sure how much of the traditional Republican mainstream usual suspects who go to a convention you would see if that’s the case. Of course we’ll drinking at the CNN grill and I am going to have a lot of drinking to do.”

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