John Kasich Receives Favorable Coverage in Left-Leaning Media

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Mainstream left wing publications have continued to illustrate John Kasich as a man who is morally superior to his “far-right” Republican opponents, glorifying the Ohio Governor as a man of reason because he is willing to capitulate to the left on social welfare projects such as Medicaid and staple democrat issues like climate change.

After recent endorsements and nonstop positive coverage from the New York Times and Boston Globe, other outlets, such as the Washington Post, have joined in on the act, portraying Kasich as someone who is deeply in touch with his emotions and a man who has an independent mindset, unlike his supposed hardline radical opponents.

The Boston Globe rallied behind Kasich on Thursday, reminding readers that the Ohio Governor is no “hard-line” Republican, and he even “acknowledges that carbon emissions have contributed to climate change,” which is a staple issue for the left.

The Washington Post reported that the one-of-a-kind Kasich “sells GOP something different.”

The New York Times noted that Kasich, who is reportedly calling himself a “happy warrior” nowadays, “comports himself at campaign events with a mellowness that he hopes will allow him to rise above the fray of a bitter campaign.” The Times report also says Kasich’s supporters have found his “adult” manner to be “refreshing.”

Kasich has not only embraced the positive coverage from the left wing outlets, he literally cried after hearing word that the New York Times editorial board endorsed him.

On Friday in an interview with MSNBC, the Ohio Governor said, “I think there’s too much greed on Wall Street,” in response to a question about Bernie Sander’s anti-Wall Street comments in Thursday’s Democratic debate. “I saw it.”

“These big institutions need to reserve their own assets for the risk they take on, but everyone there isn’t a crook and everybody isn’t doing horrible things. Its just that whenever value becomes less and greed becomes more, we get out of bounds,” he added.

“I think it’s possible to push these regulations that we need. We can’t de-regulate all of Wall Street. But here’s a problem: You regulate all the banks and you kill the little guy,” Kasich said, playing the middle ground over regulation.

The Ohio governor was in Atkinson, New Hampshire on Friday for a town hall meeting, where he displayed the national debt clock and addressed a crowd of several dozen people.

Two New Hampshire Republican primary polls published Friday had Gov. Kasich projected to finish in fourth place, with eight and ten percent of the vote there, behind Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).


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