Roger Stone Responds: CNN’s ‘Ban Is Really About My Book On the Clintons’


“I’ve only been on CNN three times since August, so it’s not a real ban,” veteran political operative and one-time advisor to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News in a Wednesday morning interview. “CNN never called me. I was blindsided,” Stone added. “This is a private transaction between Media Matters and CNN.”

“A cable news network that folds on the demands of the Clintonistas on who and who not to interview is not an unbiased news organization,” Stone tweeted Tuesday, after learning of the ban like the rest of us did — through the news media.

The “ban” was announced Tuesday in a statement from CNN to Media Matters, the result of a series of Stone tweets that attacked CNN commenter Ana Navarro as a “moron,” “borderline retarded,” and a “Bush stooge.”

“Black beans and rice didn’t miss her,” Stone tweeted of the Hispanic Navarro back in October of 2011.

Also targeted was then-CNN commenter Roland Martin, a black man.  “Who is this stupid negro Roland Martin? Buffoon or token Buffoon?,” Stone tweeted in November of 2012. Another Stone tweet addressed to Martin reads, “Who made you God, Fattass? Eat some more Popeye’s”.

When asked about the tweets, Stone said, “I’ve done many controversial things through the years. The point I wanted to make is that these people are not qualified for those jobs.” He added:

Ana Navarro is not qualified to opine on anything. What campaign has she ever worked on? Her only qualifications are her ties to Jeb [Bush]. She’s never run a State Assembly campaign, much less anything else. She’s brainless. Her only job is to trash Trump and pump up Jeb, and now Rubio.

I know people at CNN. I talk to the make-up people and the associate producers, and they tell me she acts like a big star; that she’s abusive and demanding. Whether it’s a billionaire or a taxi driver, I treat everyone the same.

Columnist Ann Coulter, who Stone calls a “buddy,” responded to news of the ban by pointing out that establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson “is still an honored guest at CNN” after he used “Twitter to ask me [about] anal sex w/ Trump.”

“Yes, this ban is really about my book on the Clintons,” Stone believes:

That book is really under the skin of The Clinton News Network [CNN]. They know it’s the oppo-dump that that will beat Hillary. [Media Matters founder] David Brock wants my book silenced. I expose Bill Clinton as a rapist and Hillary as his accessory after the fact in these sex crimes. We found Bill’s illegitimate black son. Black Lives Matter to the Clinton unless you are Clinton’s son. Brock is afraid of all this.

“Starting with Nixon, this is my ninth presidential campaign, so the loser here is CNN,” Stone said. “CNN is losing my depth of knowledge and unique perspective about the current-Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.”

Until he resigned in August, Stone was a close advisor to Donald Trump.

Stone’s book, “The Clinton’s War on Women,” hit bookshelves in October. Earlier this month, Reuters reported that Stone is in the midst of organizing an “anti-Clinton political group” with Kathleen Willey, a former-White House volunteer, who claims Bill Clinton groped her in the Oval Office.


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