***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump, Clinton Predicted to Stomp Super Tuesday

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Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Welcome to Breitbart News’s daily live updates of the 2016 horse race. Here’s a preview of what to expect on Super Tuesday. 

1:22: Math not on their side:

1:20: Nolte calls out anti-Trump pundit:

1:13: Huge GOP turnout. And it’s not because of anything in the RNC’s stupidly-named/branded “autopsy” report:


1:07: The Hill: Rubio Super Tuesday’s ‘Big Loser.”

1:05: Newsweek’s Matthew Cooper: IT’S CLINTON V. TRUMP AND DONALD WON THE FIRST ROUND: Tonight was the first night of the general election and Trump won

12:55: Big Rubio MN win?:

12:45: Bad night for Rubio:

12:06: Associated Press: Trump Projected to win Vermont.

11:59: Ted Cruz on potential Trump nomination:

11:49: Tavis Smiley: Hillary Shouldn’t Take Black Voters for Granted Against Trump

Something tells me that if Donald Trump is indeed the Republican nominee, it might be a miscalculation for Democrats to assume that black voters are a lock for their nominee, even with the first black president and Barack Obama both campaigning for her.

[Tony Lee: Van Jones, Jamelle Bouie and others have said that black voters may be receptive to Trump’s message. So there’s something there. It’s amusing that the same media and GOP establishment pundits who said Trump could not win the GOP nomination because he initially had such unfavorable poll numbers with Republican voters are now saying that he will lose minority voters by a landslide in a  potential general election. Not so fast. First, minority voters may not want to publicly admit that they support Trump because they fear a backlash against them, stirred by “leaders” and “activists” who often care more about their bottom lines and standing in the political circles than the interests of their communities. Second, though Clinton connects better with minority voters than Sanders, that’s not really saying much. Just compare Obama’s Brown Chapel AME address in 2007 with Hillary Clinton’s at a Selma church on the same day. Or compare Obama’s “fierce urgency of now” speech at Iowa’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner with whatever canned/unmemorable speech Clinton gave. Third, mainstream media members and GOP establishment pundits surround themselves with minorities who speak “Politically Correct English.” They went to the same schools. Are from the same zip codes. Roll in the same social circles. But there are a lot of politically incorrect and working-class minorities who are not ashamed to watch and enjoy WWE rasslin’ who may find Trump’s message as respective as blue-collar union workers. When the media ask Trump about his current less-than-stellar favorability ratings with minorities, he should point out that campaigns are run to change perceptions. And Trump’s GOP presidential campaign has already changed the perception of Republican voters who viewed him so unfavorably when he entered the race.]

11:43: Newt on Trump’s presser:

11:37: MN GOP caucus winners over the years:

11:35: Rubio having a tough time spinning the press:


11:30: Sanders projected to win Minnesota.

11:26: Quick take from Nolte:


11:25: Known as the “GOP Smart set”:


11:24: Minnesota winners:


11:18: Clinton projected to win Massachusetts:

11:15: Team Kasich excited to get home-field advantage in March?

11:12: Palin Tweets after caucusing for Trump in Alaska:

11:10: Fox News Projects Rubio will win Minnesota’s caucuses.

[Tony Lee: Why in the world did Rubio give “victory” speech so early in the night? He could have spoken as votes from Minnesota were coming in and still made the 11 p.m. EST window and gotten the last word on the night.]

11:04: Nolte:


11:02: 20% watch

11:01: Sanders Projected to Win Colorado.

11:00: Republican National Committee (their terribly-named “autopsy” report doomed their darling Rubio’s candidacy) issues statement on the GOP’s record turnout WITHOUT MENTIONING Trump, who is responsible for the surge:

“While Democrats have seen turnout drop across the board, the record number of Republicans who have gone to the polls in each state shows the country is ready for change after eight years of failed leadership from President Obama. Democrats simply aren’t being energized by Hillary Clinton’s calculated campaign to maintain the status quo or Bernie Sanders’ fringe calls for a socialist ‘revolution,'” RNC Chair Priebus says in a statement. “The Democrat Primary has become a race to the far left between an embattled frontrunner facing an FBI investigation and a self-avowed socialist who continues to win states and outraise the Clinton machine. At the end of the day, Democrats are saddled with two fundamentally flawed candidates destined to fail in a general election and a message that isn’t resonating or in line with the majority of Americans.”

10:38: That’s what they say during March Madness (win or go home):

10:21: Cruz accuses Trump of supporting cronyism and says he will end corporate welfare, adopt a flat tax, and abolish the IRS. Cruz says Trump funded the “Gang of Eight” while he led the successful opposition to the Gang of Eight’s amnesty plan. He rips Trump for supporting Planned Parenthood while he will direct the Justice Dept. to investigate Planned Parenthood. He says, unlike Trump, he will never compromise away our religious liberties and or Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Cruz says he will rip away the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal. Cruz says he understands those who are “angry with Washington” and accuses Trump of being part of the Washington corruption for 40 years. Cruz calls on Trump to release the NY Times off-the-record interview about immigration. He says voters have a right to know if he is lying to the voters about immigration.

[Tony Lee: Trump’s press conference made him look different tonight. He stood out as a non-politician and did not sound like one with his unconventional press conference. Cruz and Clinton sound like typical politicians/lawyers when their speeches are compared to Trump’s press conference. Which candidate tonight spoke the language of the voters?]

10:19: Cruz says Republicans in the next primary states have a choice to make. He says America shouldn’t have a president whose words would embarrass them. He says our president should make us proud and inspire hope in all of us. “We can nominate a Washington dealmaker–profane and vulgar–who has a lifelong power of using government power for personal gain,” Cruz says. “Or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the Constitution.”

10:17: Cruz says “tonight, this campaign enters a new phase.” Cruz says a Trump nomination would be a disaster for Republicans. He says his campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, can beat, and will beat Donald Trump. Cruz proudly says he has beaten Trump three times. [But if a baseball teams plays five three-game sets against an opponent and loses 12 of them, is that something to brag about?]

10:15: “God Bless the Lone Star state,” Cruz says. “And God Bless the great state of Oklahoma.”

10:13: Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and CNN’s Jeff Lord agree tonight. They both said Trump looked “presidential” during his press conference.

[Tony Lee: As I said when Rubio first started with his juvenile attacks that his fanboys/girls on Twitter gleefully cheered, his attacks may have done him a huge disservice by turning off just enough moderate/affluent voters in the suburbs. It could have cost him Virginia and prevented him from meeting the 20% threshold in various states. What a bunch of geniuses in the “GOP smart set.” I hope they are enjoying patting themselves on the head or whatever the equivalent is on Twitter tonight. Good job, guys. Way to go!]

10:06: Reporter mischaracterizes Trump’s “negotiable” comments. Trump says if he wants a 50-ft wall, he will negotiate it down to 48 feet to appease more people. When asked about establishment Republicans trying to throw monkey wrenches into the delegate selection process, Trump says he has “millions and millions of people” who are providing tremendous energy for Republicans. Trump says it would be undemocratic if GOP pooh-bahs (and desperate professional pundits who so desperately want to be “influencers” on the right) try to steal the nomination from him at the convention. Trump says “nobody is going to beat us” after GOP is unified.

10:02: Trump says he always liked Marco before he decided to go “hostile” and become a less-talented Don Rickles. Trump says Rubio’s “hail-mary” attacks hurt him. “He had a bad night,” Trump said, according to CNN, Fox. Trump says at least you can say that “Ted has won something.” Trump says “our infrastructure” is going to hell after he says that Paul Ryan will “pay a price” if he doesn’t get along with him. Trump says even the media will be proud of him as president. He says “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clue” about rebuilding the country. Trump says Clinton’s record as Secretary of State was “abysmal.” Trump says what Clinton did was a “criminal act” and if she is allowed to run, “it will be a sad day for this country” because “what she did was wrong. And other people have done far less than her and they paid a very, very big price.”

Worth nothing Clinton had not held a press conference for nearly 90 days:

10:01: Trump says he will do great with African-Americans, Hispanics and every other group because he will bring jobs back.

9:59: Trump says radical Islamic terrorism is a “big, big problem” and we need to “figure it out.” Trump says Muslim migrants are “young” and “strong” and “powerful” and we have “no idea who they are.” Trump says he has a heart so we will build a safe zone in Syria. He says he will loosen up the wallets of the Gulf States so they can pay for the safe zone.

9:56: “We are going to have a wall,” Trump says. Trump says he has thousands of Hispanic workers. Trump says the Mexican leaders are too smart for our leaders. Trump says Fox used the “ultimate word” because he was angry that someone dared to say that Mexico will pay for the wall. Trump says “100%. Mexico is going to pay.” Trump talks about the country’s heroin problem and he says he’s going to “stop it” because “we’re going to have a strong border.” He says people are going to come in and they are going to come in legally.

9:55: Trump says he’ll make deals as president that are good for the American people. He blasts Obama for using executive actions. Then he pivots to corporate inversion and says Obama doesn’t know how to make deals to bring money back to the United States.

9:49: Trump says he is “doing what’s right” when asked if he is moving to the center for the general election. He again praises Planned Parenthood for helping millions but says it should not receive taxpayer funding so long as it performs abortion. He says he is going to be “really good for women” and for “women’s health issues.” Trump says he is more conservative than anybody on the military, on the border, on the wall, on getting rid of Obamacare, and getting rid of Common Core. Trump says he is a truth-teller. Trump says he feels “awfully good” when asked if he feels like the “presumptive nominee.” Trump says he is watching the CNN people, the MSNBC people, and the Fox people. He quips that he is becoming very “diplomatic.” He says the networks are declaring Rubio the “big loser” tonight. Trump congratulates Cruz for his Texas win, saying it was a “big get.”

9:47: Trump says “we are expanding the Republican Party” after calling Sen. Sasse (R-NE) a loser for saying he will support neither Trump nor Clinton. Trump says he is a “unifier.” “Once we get all of this finished, I’m going to go after one person–HIllary Clinton–on the assumption that she will be allowed to run.” Trump says it is going to be an “easy race.”

9:46: Trump is holding a press conference after his victory speech. His campaign should say that is another way that differentiates him from Clinton, who went nearly 90 days without facing the press.

9:44: Trump says we can’t keep losing manufacturing jobs. Trump says we have “tremendous power” over everybody but we have politicians ” that truly, truly truly don’t know what they’re doing.” Trump says he is “honored” by this evening’s results.

9:43: Stunning map of Trump’s “across the board” support:

9:40: Trump says this has been an “amazing evening.” Trump congratulates Cruz for winning Texas for an “excellent win.” Trump says he watched Clinton’s speech and says Clinton has been there for so long and if she hasn’t straightened it out, she won’t do so as president. Trump says making America great again is much better than “making America whole” again. Trump again

Trump says Rubio has had a “tough night” but says he is a “lightweight.” Trump says special interests and the lobbyists who want “their little Senator” do what they want are going to spend $25 million to oppose Trump.

Drudge’s take:


9:38: Christie declares Trump “the clear winner” tonight. He says tonight is the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party together for a big victory in November. He says it is the beginning of Trump bringing the people together to allow America to win again. Christie says the goal is to prevent Clinton from winning the election.

9:37: May not be a good night for Rubio:

9: 36: Fox News reporting Rick Scott will endorse Trump. People like Erick Erickson will be mad:


9:35: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says Rubio’s constituency may be the pundit class/political professionals and he lacks a natural constituency like Cruz/Trump.

9:18: “Victory” speeches (equivalent of storming the court for beating the spread even though they got walloped) get tiresome/ridiculous:



Scenes from Rubio rally:

9:13: OKLAHOMA: Sanders projected to win.

9:10: OKLAHOMA: Cruz projected to win. Rubio still has no wins on the board. Gives Cruz a powerful argument that he is the best anti-Trump alternative.

9:00: TEXAS: Clinton, Cruz Projected to Win

8:55: Big numbers for Trump

8:53: “What a super Tuesday,” Clinton says from Miami Florida right before the important 9 PM EST window. Clinton says she is so glad to be here with you in Florida. She congratulates Sanders on his “strong showing” and says she is grateful for everyone who voted for her. Clinton again repeats the line that American never stopped being great. She says we have to “make America whole.” We have to “fill in what’s been hollowed out.” Crowd chanting “USA, USA.” Good stagecraft from Clinton’s campaign–copying Trump (shows they are worried about Trump’s appeal). Clinton supporters waving American flags. Again calls for more love and kindness. Trump mocked Clinton earlier, asking what in the world she means when she talks about having to “make America whole again.” Clinton is yelling about defending the rights of every single special-interest group on the left. Clinton also pivots to Flint in a way and speaks about the city in a way that differentiates herself from Sanders ahead of Michigan’s primary.

Clinton says it is clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric has never been lower. “Trying to divide America between us and them is wrong and we’re not going to let it work,” she says.

8:52: Arkansas update:

8:50: Coulter on Rubio’s establishment fans:


“Surprise, surprise (OK, not really): Rubio has a Beltway fan club. In Virginia’s 8th congressional district, situated mostly inside the Washington Beltway, Rubio is currently crushing Trump 46 percent to 19 percent, by far his best showing anywhere in any primary in the country so far. The even better sign for Team Rubio: There’s a ton more votes in that part of Virginia to be reported, meaning that he’s likely to narrow his current 37 percent to 32 percent statewide deficit.”

8:48: CNN also projects Trump will win Virginia:

8:40: Solid support from vets in Virginia:

8:35: Fox News projects Trump will win Virginia:

8:30: Clinton projected to win Arkansas. Trump up by four points in exit polls in Arkansas (Trump 34, Cruz 30, Rubio 25)

8:29: Breitbart’s Bob Price: Cruz expanding lead as more early votes come in.

8:26: Virginia:

8:22: First candidate since Dole to win Massachusetts and Alabama:

8:19: Interesting:

8:12: Cruz leading with Evangelicals in Oklahoma:

8:10: Good numbers for Cruz in Oklahoma:

8:08: Trump dominating with voters who want the next president to be “not from the political establishment.”

ALABAMA: Trump: 64

TENNESEEE: Trump: 67


8:03: MA Dems: Sanders leads Clinton by 6 according to exits.

8:02: Oklahoma exit polling: Cruz leads Trump by 5 in Oklahoma. Sanders leads Clinton by 5

8:00: Winning, Winning, Winning: Donald Trump Projected to win ALABAMA, MASSACHUSETTS, TENNESSEE. 

Clinton Projected to win ALABAMA, TENNESSEE.

7:57: Clinton wins American Samoa:

7:50: Clinton at a BET rally. She is reportedly “pleased” at the early results:

7:45: A Kasich win in Vermont would really make it tougher for the establishment to force him out as Joel points out:

7:40: Sanders talks process and reminds voters that these aren’t winner-take-all elections and “we are going to win many hundreds of delegates.”

7:38: Sanders again says this election is about “making a political revolution” instead of “electing a president.” He says he won’t allow “the Donald Trumps of the world to divide us up.”

7:36: Not a lot of Northern Virginia vote in yet:

7:35: Virginia exit polls: Trump wins with evangelicals:

7:30: Sanders says “it is great to be home” after trouncing Clinton in Vermont. He says he has been all over this country “but the truth is it is great and great to come home and see all my friends.” He rails against the monied interests.

7:25: In Virginia, Trump wins with voters who want change while Rubio wins with voters who want a candidate who “shares my values.”

7:20: Demographics expert Nate Cohn:

7:18: Did Clinton violate election rules in MA?

7:15: Georgia Dems: Clinton wins black vote big; Sanders on top with whites:

7:13: Virginia exit polls:

7:08: Gingrich on Cruz:

7:04: Trump at 40% in Georgia:

7:01: Exits in Virginia – CNN 34 Trump, 31% Rubio 31%, Cruz 16%


7:00: Trump wins Georgia. Vermont and Virginia too close to call.

Hillary wins Georgia and Virginia. Bernie wins Vermont.


6:46: Rubio is both lowering and raising expectations

Top Rubio adviser preparing donors for dismal Super Tuesday

Rubio Team Raising Expectations for Super Tuesday


6:42: Late deciders by state


6:40: Your handy guide to tonight’s poll closing times

Polling Close Times:
Vermont 7:00pm (Eastern)
Virginia 7:00pm (Eastern)
Georgia 7:00pm (Eastern)
Alabama: 8:00pm (Eastern)
Massachusetts: 8:00pm (Eastern)
Oklahoma: 8:00pm (Eastern)
Tennessee: 8:00pm (Eastern)
Arkansas: 8:30pm (Eastern)
Texas: 9:00pm (Eastern)
Minnesota: 9:00pm (Eastern)
Alaska: 12:00 midnight (Eastern)


6:35: 72% of TN voters back Trump’s temporary Muslim ban.


6:27: 6 in 10 Super Tuesday GOP voters approve of Trump’s temporary Muslim ban.


6:26: Rubio wins late deciders in Virginia

6:08: More than half of GOP voters in SEC Primary states feel “betrayed” by GOP, per exit polling:

6:03: Ideology of Super Tuesday voters:

6:01: Georgia Republicans wan’t someone who can “bring change.”

6:00: Levin asks:

5:55: DEMOCRATS: Obama’s policies most popular in Alabama, “where 68 percent of Democratic voters say they want to continue them. Sixty percent of voters in Georgia and Virginia say the same,” according to CBS.

5:50: 66% of GOP PRIMARY VOTERS made up their minds at least a month in advance while 22% did so in the last few days according to MSNBC’s exit polling.

5:46:  Majority of GOP primary voters angry at federal government:

5:45: Evangelical voters dominating in SEC Primary states:

5:41: Government spending most important issue to GA GOP Voters:

5:37: Trump: Rubio should drop out if he doesn’t do well on Super Tuesday.

5:36: Exit polling from Texas: 

n Texas, fewer than half of GOP voters – about four in 10 – are looking for a political outsider, fewer than anywhere else. Nearly four in 10 in preliminary exit poll data also say it matters a great deal to them to support a candidate who shares their religious beliefs, and six in 10 are evangelicals. Two-thirds say they’d be satisfied with Ted Cruz as the nominee, a high for him among all states in which we have exit polls – compared with nearly six in 10 for Rubio and less than half for Trump. That said, two-thirds of GOP primary voters in Texas want to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border, as Trump has suggested.

5:35: ABC News Exit polling: At least 60% of GOP primary voters support temporary Muslim ban:

Muslims: One of Trump’s more controversial proposals continues to receive majority support in the GOP electorate. At least six in 10 GOP primary voters today support banning Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the country, peaking at more than three-quarters in Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. That compares with 65 and 74 percent in New Hampshire and South Carolina, respectively.

Immigration: On another controversial issue, immigration, anywhere about four in 10 voters in Virginia, Texas and Georgia, peaking at more than half in Alabama, favor deporting undocumented immigrants, as opposed to offering them a route to legal status.

5:25: Virginia Democrats: 60% (including 74% of black voters) want to continue Obama’s policies per NBC’s exit polling.

5:20: Exit polls: 50% of Republicans want someone from outside of the system while 40% want someone with “political experience.”

For Democrats, 80% want someone with “political experience” while 16% want an outsider.

5:19: CNN’s John King points out that Trump has the broadest range of supporters.

5:15: Exit polls: 50% of GOP primary voters in Texas “angry” and 41% dissatisfied.

GA: 47% angry, 45% dissatisfied

VA: 36% angry, more just dissatisfied

Vermont: 37% angry

First Four States:

Iowa: 42% angry

New Hampshire: 39% angry

South Carolina: 40% angry

Nevada: 59% angry

5:13: Kasich says there is “zero chance” he will be someone’s vice presidential pick.

5:11: Virginia primary ballot:

5:07: NBC’s Chuck Todd calls Rubio the establishment’s “only hope” against Trump.

4:55: The weak opposition from the GOP establishment and the establishment’s insistence that “viable” 2016 candidates embrace comprehensive amnesty legislation also fueled Trump’s rise:

4:50: Team Rubio doesn’t think so, even though a pollster on Fox News throughout the morning said Rubio’s numbers went down when he started to uncharacteristically go against his brand and unleashed juvenile attacks against Trump:

Washington Post:

The Rubio campaign made a tactical mistake by going into the gutter with Trump over the weekend.

Again, this isn’t rocket science to those who aren’t career political consultants/pundits who love to be stroked on Twitter about how great their anti-Trump “burns” are. So Keep mocking Trump for his spelling errors.

4:45: Sounds as confident as he is of winning his home state of Florida:

4:40: Trump told Kentucky crowd that Syrian refugees will not be coming to America. He says look at what has happened to Germany, Sweden, Brussels. It’s not going to happen to our country. Not. He says we’ll have safe zones over there but it’s not going to happen to our country. Trump says he will also bring the coal industry back and it is “ridiculous” we’re sending our coal to China and they are using it instead of America even though they are not even “cleaning” it. “The coal industry is going to make a very big comeback.” He says Clinton does not have the “strength or the stamina” to be president.

4:35: Trump says he loves his “Make America Great Again” theme. He mocks Hillary for saying wanting to “make America whole.” Trump asks, “what does that mean?”

4:31: Sanders supporters disrupt Trump event.


4:30: Trump holds up “Hispanics 4 Trump” sign during rally:


4:15: Trump says it takes guts to run for president because it’s not easy. He says after he talked about illegal immigration at his announcement speech, “it wouldn’t be a subject under consideration.” Trump blasts Vicente Fox. And he says Fox is upset because he is not used to being told what to do. He says he will make great deals as president. Trump says he knows it doesn’t sound presidential but he will call the head of Carrier and say he will tax their products 35% if they move to Mexico.

4:05: Christie urges voters in Kentucky to vote for “Donald Trump” on Saturday. He says America needs a leader who will bring back jobs and stand up to ISIS. Christie says Trump’s opponents are “desperate” but “Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are the Washington, D.C. twins” and we don’t need more politicians.

3:50: Ben Carson Calls for a Private Meeting with GOP Field to Address ‘Lack of Civility’

3:29: Huge Kentucky crowd getting ready for Trump:

Protesters getting ready too:

3:25: Clinton campaign doesn’t want voters in Colorado to participate in democracy?

3:22: GOP turnout up even in Northern Virginia:

As of 2 p.m. today, with five hours to go until polls close, the percentage of Arlington voters casting ballots in the Republican presidential primary has already exceeded the total from the 2008 GOP primary.

Mid-day Super Tuesday turnout was 24 percent of registered voters in Arlington — 9 percent Republican, 15 percent Democrat.


One factor for the increased Republican turnout may be the presence of Donald Trump in the race. Supporters of the businessman and GOP frontrunner have been particularly prolific in placing signs around polling places in Arlington — so much so that Lindberg said the county elections office has received at least one complaint about the Woodmont polling station having too many Trump signs.

3:20: Haley Barbour, who epitomizes the GOP establishment, is reportedly leading Rubio’s convention delegate strategy.

3:13: Palin urges supporters to vote for Trump in Alaska:

Alaska – tonight we vote! Let's do our part to make this truly a Super Tuesday. (It's called our "Presidential…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3:05: This morning, Tom Brokaw said, “I’m in touch with my friends at Breitbart a lot, they’ve their own system going, all 24/7, they’re very smart. They know where their folks are and they play to what they see and find unacceptable 24/7.” Breitbart News was arguably the only outlet that took Trump’s potential candidacy seriously in January of 2015 and got the dynamics of this election cycle correct.


3:01: Gingrich has said Kasich is like a “little brother” to him but has not endorsed him:

2:57: The same elites who look for every reason to criticize Tea Party conservatives for “violent” rhetoric:

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

2:53: Another new Rubio line:

2:48: McConnell walking back anti-Trump comments:

2:46: Republicans much more excited than Democrats in every state:

2:45: Hillary finally met the press:

2:42: National Nurses United getting out vote for Sanders in Massachusetts:

2:40: Interesting point about Trump voters:

2:35: Dr. Ben Carson will reportedly not drop out of the race even if he wins no delegates, according to The Hill.


2:21: Trump goes on Twitter to blast Nikki Haley, who endorsed Rubio:


2:20: Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers worried the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will “collapse” under  a Trump presidency:

2:15: Rubio now compares Trump to Jesse Ventura. He says Ventura “is am embarrassment” and Trump would be an “embarrassment” to America.

2:12: Black voters still demanding accountability from Clinton in a “tense exchange” on the trail:

2:11: Hillary deflects question about whether Trump should be disqualified because of his Sunday interview about David Duke/KKK:

2:05: Wall Street Journal asks if Cruz has to win Texas to keep his campaign alive:

1:44 – Polling issues reported in Georgia:

Roughly 100 voters in northeast Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood experienced a bit of frustration Tuesday morning when they stood in line to vote in the presidential primary only to learn that the electronic voting machines weren’t working.

According to the precinct manager, the machines were programmed for the wrong precinct. So voters had a choice. They could either stay and vote on paper or they could come back later.

1:36 – Headline: “Goldman Sachs puts banker linked to Donald Trump on leave.”

1:23 – Wow, 26% of Americans must be pretty heartless.

1:21 – Cruz tells Mike Gallagher Rubio has no path to victory:

Ted Cruz is calling on Marco Rubio to suspend his campaign after Super Tuesday, contending that the Florida senator will have no realistic path to the nomination after roughly a dozen states vote Tuesday.

“He is a very talented individual, but Marco does not have any viable path whatsoever to beat Donald Trump,” the Texas senator told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher on Tuesday. “In the first four states, he has gone 0-for-4. He has not won a state.”

1:17 – Paul Ryan weighs in on Super Tuesday:

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has clearly had it with Donald Trump. On a day in which a dozen states hold presidential contests, Ryan felt he had no choice but to denounce the GOP front-runner for equivocating on whether to accept support from white supremacists.

“This party does not prey on people’s prejudices,” Ryan told reporters Tuesday, referencing Trump in everything but name.

Ryan is obviously frustrated he even has to point out that a presidential candidate in his party shouldn’t accept support from white supremacists. But we’d posit Ryan’s frustration stems not just from what Trump says but also from how powerless Ryan knows he is to stop Trump, both from saying these kinds of things and from potentially winning the nomination.

1:02 – Team Kasich touting head-to-head Ohio victory versus Trump:

12:49 – Bloomberg does some number crunching on Trump’s media monopoly strategy:

All told, Trump’s Twitter-Christie one-two punch effectively deflated Rubio’s hopes of dominating the pre-Super Tuesday media narrative following his feisty debate performance. Whereas the Rubio-versus-Trump battle did gain some traction on Friday, with nearly 500 news headlines mentioning both candidates, it was undercut by the 300 or so news stories with Christie in the headline. Almost all related to his surprise endorsement. By Saturday, Christie stories outpaced Rubio-Trump headlines.

12:47 – Trump University fraud lawsuit will proceed:

12:32 – Some media gains for Rubio the insult comic. Lawrence O’Donnell warns it could backfire:

12:31 – Trump campaigning in Columbus, OH with Christie.

12:23 – Ted Cruz casts his vote:

12:20 – Drudge picks up on a local news report that says some votes are being switched over to Rubio in Texas:

12:16 – Politicos torn on whether to work for Trump campaign.

12:05 – NYT writer who joked about Trump assassination warns: he’ll never consolidate support among “elite conservatives”!

12:02 – Tim Miller, former Jeb Communications Director, promises to send “presents” if anyone proves they voted against Trump today. [archive]

Hi friends. If you live in Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, or Virginia please for the love of God go vote in the Republican primary against Trump.
If you are not a Republican operative and you send me a pic of you voting I will send you a present.
If you are from one of those states please share this.

11:58 – Newt Gingrich shows up at a Kasich event.

11:50 – GOP pressure mounting on Carson:

11:43 – Stop Trump, the Nazi.

11:42 – Big turnout in Virginia precinct.

11:30 – From Roger Stone & Ed Martin: “How the GOP insiders plan to steal the nomination from Trump.”

Surely the party pros know that a nomination wrenched from the hands of Donald Trump would be worthless but they don’t care. The ruling elite that has dominated the party would rather have globalist Hillary Clinton than the uncontrollable nationalist Donald Trump. The idea of a president not beholden to the ruling elite is more than they can stand.

11:18 – Freudian slip from MSNBC:

11:09 – HuffPost home page: “HURRICANE DONALD”

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.06.26 AM

10:57 – In the Real Clear Politics poll of national polls, Trump’s average is just one-point below his all-time high of 36.5%.

And this is after a week of having kitchen sinks hurled at him by the entire DC Media/GOP Establishment Complex.


10:50 – Rubio – Obama Connection



10:09 – Ohio farmer spells out “No Trump” using cow manure.


10:08 – Trump earns same support nationally as Cruz and Rubio combined


9:46 – CNN Poll: Sanders beats everyone; Hillary loses to  Cruz and Rubio

Bernie 57 – Cruz 40

Bernie 55 – Trump 43

Bernie 53 – Rubio 45


9:33 – CNN Poll: Trump loses to Hillary; Cruz and Rubio win.

Trump 44 – Hillary 52

Cruz 49 – Hillary 48

Rubio 50 – Hillary 47


9:07 -Erickson continues to push Third Party.


8:54 – Democrat: Latest Real Clear Politics’ average of Super Tuesday polls (unless otherwise noted)

Virginia – Clinton +21.5

Texas – Clinton +30.3

Georgia – Clinton +37

Massachusetts – Clinton +6.7

Oklahoma – Clinton +2.0

Alabama – Clinton +48 in latest polls (2/28)

Tennessee – Clinton +26.0

Arkansas – Clinton +28.5

Minnesota – Clinton +34 in latest poll (2/28)

Vermont – Sanders +75 (not a typo)

Colorado – Clinton +28 in latest poll (11/15)


8:41 – GOP: Latest Real Clear Politics’ average of Super Tuesday polls (unless otherwise noted)

Virginia – Trump +14.5

Texas – Cruz +9

Georgia – Trump +13.8

Massachusetts – Trump +26.8

Oklahoma – Trump +11.4

Alabama – Trump +17.7

Tennessee – Trump +18 in latest poll (2/23)

Arkansas – Cruz +4 in latest poll (2/4)

Minnesota – Rubio +2 in latest poll (1/20)

Alaska – Trump +4 in latest poll (1/12)

Vermont – Trump +15 in latest poll (2/17)


8:38 – NH paper retracts Christie endorsement over Trump endorsement: “Boy, were we wrong.

The New Hampshire Union-Leader would rather look weak and foolish to its readers than lose face with the media and political elite.


8:32 – Poll closing times courtesy of  Mike Flynn.

Poll closing times (all eastern) 7 pm: AL, GA, VT, VA. 8 pm: MA, OK, TN. 8:30 pm: AR. 9 pm: TX, MN. Alaska will be after midnight eastern


8:30 – Donald Trump and Hillary are predicted to all but sew up their respective nominations tonight.


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