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Guests include: Myra Adams from National Review, Breitbart’s Ken Klukowski, James Rosebum author “True Reagan”

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12.30: Nancy Reagan is dead.

11:55: Team Cruz’s take on Trump’s call for Rubio to drop out (again, Trump is driving the news cycle and everyone else is just reacting):

11:52: Team Rubio says Trump only wants Rubio to drop out because he is afraid Rubio will defeat him in Florida:

11:50: Coulter thrilled with Miller’s CNN appearance:

11:40: Lo and behold, Stephen Miller is representing Trump campaign on CNN. He says it has been a great night for Trump. And he points out that Rubio has been the donor class “favorite” and has won zero primaries and one contest. He says Rubio is “falling apart before our very eyes” and “that is a very significant development tonight.”

Miller says it’s remarkable that Trump is on his way to the nomination while fighting the donor class and the power brokers every step of the way. “Historic achievement,” Miller says. “That is a remarkable thing.”

Miller says Rubio’s attacks are hurting Rubio. But he says the establishment machine still has considerable power and that is why late-voters are not as supportive of Trump. Miller says we cannot overlook the fact Trump is in a strong position and just how “badly wounded pro-amnesty” Senator Rubio is going into Florida.

Miller points out that Sessions is building Trump’s foreign policy team and will push for a more “realist” foreign policy that will resonate with voters across America.

11:20: Breitbart’s Joel Pollak: Super Saturday: GOP Race Could ‘Go All the Way to California’

11:19: Trump says “we’re going to knock out ISIS so violently and so fast.” Trump says we’re worried about waterboarding while ISIS is beheading people. Trump says he wants to make the law stronger so we can better compete with a “vicious group of animals.”

11:17: Trump says he will help the party fundraise but will not take funds for his campaign. Trump says he thinks he will win before the convention.

11:15: Trump says he wants to be a more presidential candidate than Lincoln. He says he can’t just sit back and take incoming without attacking back and “I will do it for our country.”

[Tony Lee: Again, Trump shows good instincts by saying he will fight for America like he has been brawling for himself. But he needs to put these messages together in a  better way so they cut through the filter. Trump’s challenge in the general election will be to be the “sensitive jackass.”]

Answering another question, Trump says “Any hate group–no good with Donald Trump,” Trump says.

11:14: CNN reporter gets booed when asking about Trump’s hands/manhood. Trump now defends his hand size again. He says Rubio brought it up and he “finished it.”

11:12: Trump says someone said he was the greatest entertainer in the world without a guitar. Trump says we treat the protesters “very gently.”

11:07: Trump says it’s time for Rubio to “clean the deck.” He also says he hated to cancel CPAC… he says he would not have done as well in Kansas had he not gone this morning. Trump says he has taken more question from reporters than any human being who has ever lived.

11:04: Trump takes questions after saying the press are “among the most dishonest people ever created by God.”

11:00: Trump says Clinton’s “make America whole” is terrible. He says America is in a hole and trying to dig ourselves out of debt. He says his slogan is better.

10:55: Trump says Florida is his second polls. He says he has never seen any human being hit with more negative commercials like he is being hit with. But despite that, he says he has a “tremendous lead in Florida.” Trump says the biggest story is the tremendous outpouring of voters coming into the GOP. Cruz says he is honored to say that if he were not involved, that would not be happening. “We have a dynamic party. And as a party, we should come together and stop this foolishness,” Trump says. Trump says he is not the “establishment” because he can’t be controlled. Trump says if the establishment runs a third-party candidate, that means that Clinton is going to appoint “very, very, very liberal judges.” Trump says he is the only one who can beat Clinton–“if she is allowed to run.” Trump says I am the one person, “trust me,” that she does not want to run against.

10:54: Trump says Rubio should drop out of the race. “I think it’s time he drops out.” Trump says he would love to take on Cruz in an one-on-one matchup. “I want Ted one-on-one,” he says.

10:52: Trump says he has been in competitions all his life and there is nothing more exciting than “this stuff.” “There’s nothing like this,” he says. “It’s really exciting stuff.” He thanks the people of Louisiana and the people of Kentucky for an “amazing relationship.” He says he won Kentucky even though Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was against him. He thanks the people of Maine/Kansas and congratulates Cruz on Maine and Kansas.

He says Cruz should do well in Maine because “it’s very close to Canada.”

10:48: AP calls Kentucky for Trump:

10:35: Louisiana tightening, but a lot of New Orleans vote not in:

10: 33: Sanders, Clinton cross paths on the trail in Michigan:

10:30: Terrible showing for Rubio:

10:25: Former Obama campaign manager on Cruz’s path forward:


10:20: Ouch.

[Tony Lee: The results Kansas/Maine should be a wake-up call for Trump and his campaign. His losses there may be blessings in disguise. Trump won’t be able to defeat Clinton by winging it though he can win the GOP nomination by making it up as he goes along. If Trump really fears being branded by history as a “loser,” he must up his game in the weeks ahead to not only lock up the nomination but to train himself for the general election. Trump and his campaign need to anticipate questions/issues in advance that the media will use to trip him up and have disciplined answers at the ready. He needs to be more strategic. He has to understand the arguments being made against him on the right and the left and have counterarguments ready. Right now, Trump, who should be given credit for performing so well even though he has never run for anything before, is like a baseball hurler with unlimited talent who is just getting by because he can naturally throw gas. He’s a thrower right now. He needs to become a pitcher to beat Clinton.]

10:00: Scene at Trump’s news conference:

9:50: Michael Reagan endorses Kasich.

9:34: GOP Establishment is 1-19. Way below the Mendoza Line:

9:33: More talk about Trump’s ceiling:

9:32: Clinton, to be fair, does have trouble speaking in front of a microphone (she speaks to the room like she doesn’t have a microphone in front of her and has to shout, shout, shout):

9:30: In Idaho, Cruz says he is the only one who is consistently beating Trump and says supporters of other candidates are “more than welcome” to jump over to his campaign. He’s making eminent domain an issue in Idaho against Trump.

9:30: Fox News calls Louisiana for Trump.

9:11: In Michigan, Clinton thanks activists for building the Democratic Party. She says she will work hard to bring back Michigan’s Democratic party and parties across the country. She talks about “inclusive” economics” and “inclusive” politics. That means, she says, supporting Obama and nominating left-wing Supreme Court Justices. She says Justices need to expands voting rights, worker’s rights. She says “we have allowed our politics to be hijacked by extreme ideologues in state governments all over the country.” Clinton says the stakes keep getting higher while the rhetoric on the other side keeps getting lower. She says “you really want to pull your hair out” (would be quite something if she actually tried to pull out her hair) when you see the insult-fest from Republicans.

Clinton says we have to “make America whole” again and says “diversity is a strength and not a weakness.” She says let’s try to find “a little more love and kindness in our hearts.”

9:10: Clinton projected to Win Louisiana.

9:05: NBC Calls Nebraska for Sanders.

8:50: Cruz officially wins Maine. Cruz gets 12 delegates. Trump receives 9 delegates. Kasich gets one. Rubio gets zero.

8:29: Democrats not ready to coronate Clinton. Sanders wins Kansas:

8:15: Kentucky Update: (18%): Trump 41.9, Cruz 30.6

8:00: Trump loses Bourbon County:

7:59: Ahead of Sunday night’s debate in Flint, Sanders again calls on Mich. Gov. Snyder to resign:

7:34: Sanders, hitting the same themes that Trump did in Macomb County (arguably THE county for Reagan Democrats–it was featured in Stan Greenberg’s book), says Trade isn’t a sexy issue but there are “huge consequences” for working Americans. He says Clinton voted for all the disastrous trade deals while he was on the picket lines opposing them. He also hits Clinton for her Iraq vote. And slams her for touting Kissinger’s praise of her. “Why one would look for approval from one of the worst, destructive Secretaries of States… I don’t understand. Trust me,  I do not want Henry Kissinger’s approval.”

7:32: Kentucky Update (6% reporting): Trump 40, Cruz 33.9

7:25: Sanders says he wants to get marijuana “out of federal control.”

7:22: Sanders blasts the “rigged economy” and against rips the Walton family for to paying their workers enough. He says Walmart workers need to get government assistance and taxpayers pay the bill. Sanders wants to thank everyone in the audience “on behalf of the Walton family” and says it is time for the Walton family “to get off welfare” and pay their workers more.

Now Sanders says the “corporate media” want to talk about everything except for criminal justice reform.

7:18: CNN CUTS SANDERS OFF RIGHT AFTER HE RIPS HILLARY FOR WALL STREET SPEECHES: Sanders rips Clinton for giving speeches behind closed door to Wall Street. He says “I kinda think if you are going to be paid $225,000 for a speech,” it must be a brilliant speech you want to share with the American people. Must have been a “Shakespearean speech,” he says. Where was this Sanders earlier in the campaign? [Interestingly, CNN, the Clinton News Network, cuts Sanders off as he starts attacking Clinton.]

7:15: Sanders gets primetime coverage as he speaks in Michigan. He blast the Koch brothers and a “few other billionaires” for trying to buy this election. Sanders says when you have a family spending more money than Democrats/Republicans, that is not democracy, it is “oligarchy” and “we are going to stop them.”

7:01: Rubio underperformed in Kansas. Since it’s March Madness, Trump is like the college basketball team that doesn’t need to win its conference tournament to make the Big Dance. You get the sense that other candidates are like the teams that won’t get at-large bids if they don’t win their conference tournaments and every state going forward is a “must-win” state for them.

6:51: Head of Cruz Super PAC: Time for Rubio supporters to back Cruz.

6:50: Photo of Trump protester who had a fake penis attached to his ball cap:

6:40: Huge Turnout in Maine: Breitbart’s Jordan Schachtel points out that “with 27% in at Maine, the quantitative vote has already exceeded 2012 totals.”

Cruz still holding strong in Maine:

Ted Cruz: 44.3%
Donald Trump: 33.6%
John Kasich: 11.4%
Marco Rubio” 9.7%
Total Votes: 6,439

6:30: Cruz says his strong success in Kansas, Maine.. and at CPAC shows his strong coalition. He says he is the strongest conservative in the race. Cruz says Trump has the delegate lead but points out that he continues to rack up delegates as well. Cruz says he was second even in the places where Trump prevailed on Tuesday. He says what needs to happen is the field needs to narrow so Trump doesn’t have an advantage. Cruz says if you are not able to win states, there comes a point where candidates need to prayerfully reflect whether they have a path to win the nomination. Cruz says he is competing “vigorously” in Florida when asked if he will go for a “kill shot” (violent language!) against Rubio in Florida by a mainstream media reporter.

5:59: Cruz says he will unchain the free enterprise to grow the economy in order to defeat ISIS like Reagan disposed of the Soviet Union. “We will utterly destroy ISIS,” he says. Cruz says he will beat Trump over and over again. He points out that “seven times we have beaten Donald Trump all over this country.” Cruz making the case that he can unite Republicans against Trump and appealing to supporters of other candidates. Cruz says this election is not about politicians who “think it’s all about them… it’s about you” the American people and taking the country back.

5:55: Cruz on immigration–stop amnesty, secure the borders, and end sanctuary cities. Cruz also slams Trump without naming him for funding the Gang of Eight while talking a great game on immigration (their checkbooks talk a different game).

5:53: Kasich leading in new Michigan ARG poll:


5:52: Cruz says economic growth will occur if the boot of the federal government is lifted off of the necks of small businesses.

5:51: Interestingly, MSNBC is the only cable network that is showing Cruz’s speech in full. CNN cut away from it. 

5:47: Cruz says the “scream” and “howl” you hear from Washington is utter terror at what “we the people are doing together.” He says the last two weeks have been extraordinary. Cruz said there were 17 candidates in the race a year ago and now Republicans, libertarians and men and women who love freedom and the Constitution are standing as one behind his campaign. He says everyone understands the countries at risk and our Constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. He says voters know America has receded from the world and the world is a much dangerous place because of it. Cruz says he is here with a word of hope because people are “waking up” all  America. Cruz says “jobs, freedom, and security” will be the three top issues in the election.

He wants to talk to single moms who have been working more hours because Obamacare has reduced their hours. He wants to talk to men and women with callouses on their hands who have seen their wages become stagnant while the cost of living has gone up. He wants to talk to all the young people with student loan debt. Cruz blasts the media for saying this is the “new normal.” “Let me tell you that is an utter lie,” Cruz says.

5:45: Cruz is about to address raucous supporters in Idaho. Good timing on Cruz’s speech. He’s looking like a winner tonight with some momentum. “God Bless Kansas,” Cruz says. “And God Bless Maine.”

Cruz says the votes are still being counted but

5:39: Cruz adding event in Idaho to ride Super Saturday momentum:

5:35: CNN projects Cruz wins Texas:

5:25: Man dressed up as the Trump Wall at his Florida rally:

5:15: Cruz wins CPAC Straw Poll:

4:55: Maine Update (5% reporting): Cruz: 48, Trump 35. Cruz will continue have the strongest argument that he is the most viable anti-Trump alternative going forward if he has an impressive Saturday.

4:50: Cruz’s former spokesman Rick Tyler used to be director of Maine’s Republican Party. Cruz’s organization in Maine being touted. Residents received a lot of robocalls and heard from many Cruz surrogates.

4:45: Rubio making case against Trump in Florida. Comparing him to Crist:

4:30: Trump says he knows more about taxes than anybody and again says he will be the greatest jobs-producing president God has ever created.

4:29: Bob Dole apparently bitter about Cruz’s big showing in Kansas:

4:23: Trump: If anti-Trump movement backs a third-party candidate, Hillary will appoint up to four liberal Justice to the Supreme Court. He says if the establishment group, headed by Mitt Romney, starts to play games, they are sticking it to “you… the movement.”  He blasts the GOP “eggheads” who “cannot even tie their shoes” for slamming Trump on trade. “It has to be smart trade. It has to be even trade,” he says. “We can’t lose $500 billion a year with China.”

Trump says Forbes is undervaluing his net worth because he is friends with Romney.

4:20: Trump says the country has been so great to him that he is running to pay the country back. “It’s payback time.” Trump blasts the Republicans for asking him to sign a pledge to not run as a third-party candidate and then promptly discussing “clowns” they want to back for a third-party run if Trump wins the nomination to give the presidency to Clinton.

4:17: Trump asks Florida crowd to pledge to vote for him.

Trump asks crowd, “who likes me in this room?” He asks people to raise their right hands, “I do solemnly swear that I no matter how I feel, no matter what the conditions, if there are hurricanes or whatever…will vote on or before the 12th for Donald J. Trump for president.”

4:15: Decision Desk calls KANSAS FOR CRUZ:

4:08: Trump blasts gun-free zones on military bases and notes that all the people who complain about guns should ask their bodyguards to get rid of their guns. “And let’s see who they feel walking around certain places,” Trump says. “We’re going to protect our Second Amendment.”

4:05: Maine is looking good for Cruz:

4:03: Trump says re: waterboarding, “we have to stay within the laws.” He points out that ISIS doesn’t stay within the laws and “we’re like a bunch of babies.” He says we will stay within the laws but those laws are going to be broaden because we are playing be two sets of rules.

4:01: Trump: If we win Florida, ‘It’s Over.’

3:59: Trump says “we need a doctor.” A woman fainted at his rally and Trump says “We love people that faint.” Trump very concerned about the woman who fainted. “I love you darling,” Trump says. “Get better. We’ll send  you flowers.” Trump says the woman had been at the stadium for seven hours.

3:58: Trump says Kerry “chocked” on the Iran deal and “we don’t want chokers.” He says Rubio will be a “chocker” when dealing with world leaders.

3:54: Trump says we have a “terrible president who happens to be African-American” but there is so much division. He says he will bring people together along with jobs from China, Mexico. He credits Tom Brady for helping him win Massachusetts. “It helps that Tom Brady loves me.”

3:48: Trump says the GOP establishment is a “disaster” and “they don’t know what they are doing.”

3:47: Trump says Romney would have defeated Obama if he spent as much energy beating Obama as he is now attacking Trump. Trump kids about asking Romney to “drop to  your knees.” He didn’t ask him to but again says Romney would have.

3:45: Rubio running late in Jacksonville:

3:42: Trump says the police do not get enough credit. He blasts Romney who “choked” in the last election. He says he never thought Romney was smart. He says we should have never agreed to negotiate with Iran after again defending his net worth (nobody seems to care about his exact worth except for him)

KANSAS UPDATE: 3% reporting: Cruz 52.6, Trump: 21.1

3:39: Trump says “we” won every single poll after the debate. He says we need “greatness” and not “mediocrity” and “phoniness.”

3:37: Trump wonders what Rubio is doing with all of his free time and blasts him for not showing up for votes in the Senate. “That’s not the deal you made,” he says, adding that that’s not the type of person you want representing Florida.

3:33: Trump says the GOP’s enthusiasm this election cycle is not being talked about enough. More protesters interrupt and Trump tells them to “get out of here. Out. Out. Go home to Mommy.” He says we will build the wall and asks the crowd who will pay for it… they answer, “Mexico.”

3:29: Trump said Bernie had his time in the sun but now he’s toast after he gave Clinton a pass on the email scandal.

3:23: Trump still talks about Rubio’s attack on his hands. Why does he feel like he has to respond to every trivial thing said about him? He promises crowd he will bet Clinton so bad in the general election. He says the one person Hillary doesn’t run against is Donald Trump. Trump says he hasn’t even started on Clinton yet and proudly notes that he attacked Hillary and Bill after Hillary accused Trump of being a sexist and prevented them from playing the “War on Women” card. Trump said once he attacked Clinton for being an “enabler,” they had “one of the worst weekends of their life” after his attacks.

3:20: In Orlando, Trump says the movement is “not about me, it’s about you.”

“We’re not going to be the stupid country anymore. We’re not going to be the stupid people anymore,” Trump says. “We’re going to be the smart country. We’re going to be the smart people.”

3:08: Bubba Clinton being Bubba:

3:05: Sanders slams Clinton for talking in “vague terms.”

3:00: Massive turnout for Kentucky caucuses… even though Kentucky is playing its last home game of the year at Rupp (Kentucky up at halftime vs. NCAA bubble-team LSU):

2:55: Cruz puts Waldo County on the board in Maine:

2:52: Cruz’s new ‘Born Free’ ad:

2:50: Milton Wolf, after talking to voters at Kansas caucuses: Career Politicians Should Be ‘Very Afraid’

2:40: At Trump’s rally, Stephen Miller (former communications director for Jeff Sessions), Trump’s senior policy adviser, reminds the audience that Rubio swore to fight against amnesty while running against Charlie Crist. But when he got to Washington, Rubio, Miller says, met with the special interests and the “rich and powerful who don’t care about you” to become the biggest champion of amnesty in the U.S. Congress. He says “Marco Rubio lied to every person in the state of Florida.” He asks voters to make Florida Rubio’s “Waterloo.” He says Rubio “sold his soul” to the open-borders class.

Miller is a very effective surrogate for Trump. Why is this guy not on television more representing the Trump campaign? 

Miller rips Rubio for repeatedly saying that Rubio tried to get the best bill that he could. He reminds the audience that Rubio’s bill issued work permits to 12 million illegal immigrants to take jobs from every American, would issue 33 million green cards to immigrants in ten years, and made it easier to import unlimited numbers of refugees from the Middle East with no additional screening. He says Rubio’s bill doubled the number of low-wage foreign guest workers. He says Rubio met with La Raza, Chamber of Commerce, Barack Obama, but he did not meet with law enforcement (law enforcement officers said Rubio treated them like “absolute trash”) before he pushed for his bill that gave amnesty to illegal immigrant criminal rapists, etc. Miller says “Marco Rubio does not work for you. He only works for the special interests.” He says Rubio is for unlimited Muslim immigration.

2:22: Wilkerson says Trump has two feet firmly planted in America while Rubio has one foot in America and the other where his backers need him to be.

2:20: At Trump’s rally Laura Wilkerson telling her story and slamming Rubio for supporting the Gang of Eight and never reaching out to victims of illegal immigrant crime. She says Florida’s voters have a chance to deliver justice to all of the families who have suffered from our open borders and stop amnesty with their votes. She urges the crowd to vote for Trump. She thanks Maria Espinoza’s Remembrance Project:

2:17: Perkins/Phil Robertson in Louisiana for Cruz:

2:10: Kasich declares himself the winner for not calling other candidates names:

2:05: Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK) speaking for Cruz in Kansas:


Hours before Trump’s 2:30 PM ET Orlando rally, Trump is packing a stadium. At least 25,000 supporters are expected. Live stream of Trump’s rally below:


Trump Orlando 3

Trump Orlando 2

(Photos: Andy Badolato)


1:55: Excitement in Maine:

1:45: Huge turnout/excitement in Kansas/Kentucky for Republicans:

Massive turnout in Sedgwick County




1:35: Rand in Kentucky:


12:43 – CPAC’s frustration with CNN’s Dana Bash grows. This is why we lose elections. Allowing CNN’s Dana Bash into CPAC is absolutely insane.


12:22 – Rubio packs the hall at CPAC. Gives standard stump speech to huge applause.

“Young Americans won’t have a chance if the conservative movement is hijacked by somebody who isn’t a conservative,” receives a standing ovation.

CNN’s Dana Bash interviews Rubio post-speech. The first few questions primarily and predictable center on Donald Trump and not Rubio’s Gang of 8 immigration betrayal.

Why in the world would CPAC or Rubio agree to allow a CNN hack to depose our candidates? This is why we lose. Would Democrats allow Sean Hannity to depose one of their presidential candidates like this?

Of note is the fact that while he referenced Trump in his speech, he never once mentioned Trump by name. Apparently, the ugly attacks Rubio launched against Trump either did not work or ran their course.


12:04 – Sean Penn: GOP candidates make me miss George W. Bush

Because it has gotten so nasty and base, Bash says she can no longer let her young children watch the election coverage. Crowd boos her. They are looking for anti-Trump red meat and policy questions.


11:42 – Carly Fiorina rips the GOP Establishment at CPAC

Do not misunderstand me. I am no Donald Trump fan. I did not vote for him in the Virginia primary. Nevertheless, I understand and respect the people who did vote for him. I know many of them. They are not racists, or crazies, or stupid. While many people call the Donald a fraud, a con-man, there are a lot of voters out there who think they have been conned election after election. They know what it is to be promised something and delivered nothing.


11:07 – Latest poll out of Florida has Trump up only +5 over Rubio: 35% – 30%

A new poll by an anti-Donald Trump group has found a narrowing Republican presidential race in Florida, suggesting the barrage of TV ads by the group and its allies might be taking effect.

Trump leads Marco Rubio 35-30 percent ahead of the March 15 primary, according to the poll conducted for Our Principles PAC by The Tarrance Group, a Republican firm, and obtained by the Miami Herald. Ted Cruz drew 16 percent support, John Kasich 9 percent and Ben Carson 5 percent. (Carson formally dropped out Friday.) Six percent of respondents were undecided. …

The new poll offered a glimmer of hope for Rubio in that he continues to have the most favorable rating among all the candidates. That gives him the most room to grow among undecided voters; according to the poll, 24 percent of respondents are still picking a candidate. Sixteen percent are leaning toward one, and 57 percent have already decided.

A big problem for Rubio, if this surge is real (as of now this poll is an outlier), is that more than a half-million votes were cast early while Trump was up 20 points.

The story is a bit misleading. The poll was not done “by” an anti-Trump, it was done by a legit pollster on behalf of an anti-Trump group.


11:05 – How the GOP could stop Trump at the convention

Such a gambit would be chaotic and controversial, however. It would likely also face one large hurdle that needs to be removed before the voting starts.

As things currently stand, only a candidate who has the backing of a majority of delegates from eight states can even make it onto the nominating ballot.

The easiest way to acquire such backing is to win eight primaries. But at present, Ted Cruz is four states shy of that mark, Marco Rubio has won only one contest and no other candidate, barring Trump, has won anything.


10:54 – Cruz: Brokered convention would lead to voter ‘revolt

Cruz is very smart to distance himself from those in the Republican Establishment looking to steal the nomination for Marco Rubio, someone rejected by 85% of GOP voters and who probably could win the presidency of his home state of Florida.


10:49 – Trump accused of breaking Fox News’s debate rules.

Being as that Fox News operates like an anti-Trump super PAC, who can blame him?

It is about winning, not playing by a game that is already rigged.


VIDEO: Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow on C-SPAN. Watch the segment here. 


10:03 – Early voting: 1,000 Democrats in single Ohio county cross over to vote for Trump:

About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

A number of Democrats taking a Republican ballot when voting early at the board “say they want to vote for Trump,” said Joyce Kale-Pesta, Mahoning County Board of Elections director.

About 7,000 Mahoning County voters have cast early votes. Early voting started Feb. 17 and ends March 14, the day before the primary.


9:54 – Bill Clinton Confuses Iraq And Iran In Speech

During a campaign rally Thursday night in Baton Rouge, La., the former president said, “She got those sanctions on Iraq, which required China and Russia to sign off so everybody would enforce them. Even I didn’t think she could get them, but she did.”


9:39 – Early voting already happening in OH and FL. This only helps Trump.


9:35 – Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump

In interviews, even lifelong Republicans who cast a ballot for Mr. Romney four years ago rebelled against his message and plan. “I personally am disgusted by it — I think it’s disgraceful,” said Lola Butler, 71, a retiree from Mandeville, La., who voted for Mr. Romney in 2012. “You’re telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for? Please.”

“There’s nothing short of Trump shooting my daughter in the street and my grandchildren — there is nothing and nobody that’s going to dissuade me from voting for Trump,” Ms. Butler said.


9:22 – Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, is live now on C-SPAN.

Watch live here.


9:06 – Your hourly reminder that Politico’s so-called reporters are why that outlet is a garbage fire




9:00 – “For Sen. Marco Rubio, it’s all about Florida

With Rubio’s presidential fortunes hanging in the balance, he’s focusing his time and money on winning his home state’s winner-take-all primary on March 15.

“Florida is the priority,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant said.

Rubio will hold an afternoon rally Saturday in Jacksonville with New Mexico GOP Gov.Susana Martinez, a nod to the importance of Hispanic voters beyond Rubio’s Cuban-American base in South Florida.

Later that evening, he’ll travel to Puerto Rico ahead of the territory’s primary on Sunday. That could help him net valuable delegates and could resonate with Central Florida’s politically important Puerto Rican community.


8:47 – Rubio: ‘Never Trump’ doesn’t mean I’ll never vote Trump

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Friday reiterated that he would vote for Donald Trump in a general presidential election but said he hopes that scenario never comes to pass.

“For me, I’m never voting for Donald Trump in the Republican primary,” he said on “Kentucky Sports Radio.” “I’m going to vote for the nominee, but it’s not going to be Donald Trump.


8:31 – A full 85% of Republican voters reject Marco Rubio

Trump 41%

Cruz 19%

Rubio 16%


8:10 – Latest polls in Super Saturday states:

Louisiana – Trump +15, Hillary +39.

Kansas – Trump +6, Clinton +10.

Kentucky – Trump +15


8:04 – Kansas, Kentucy, Louisiana, and Maine (R), and Nebraska (D) vote today.

Read Breitbart’s Mike Flynn on how those races are shaping up between Trump and Cruz.

Rubio, frankly, is not much of a factor.


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