Davi: Donald Trump is Like Reagan and Churchill

Donald-Trump Gerald Herbert AP
Gerald Herbert/AP

My Dear Fellow Americans,  I have written many times about how tone deaf and out of touch the GOP is with the common man. Their candidates for the most part do not resonate. Except one.

The others are all wasting other people’s money, but this is what politicians do. It shows how the donor class would rather throw money into a bad investment then give up their stranglehold.

The money Cruz, Rubio, Bush, and some of the others have spent is astounding to me. I could have advised them differently and saved them a ton of money. But the political ruling class has become a group of intellectually effete corpses who feast on the waste of their own decayed entitlement.

They refuse to listen to the needs of the American people or what they may have to say. I warned them six years ago when I met with GOP leadership and forewarned them what we are seeing today. You can read the articles here. I keep hearing the phrase “Constitutional Conservative.” The battle cry we have heard for decades. As if this were the most important issue.

Well, I must say has the GOP been able to overturn “Roe vs Wade”? Has the GOP been able to deny same sex marriage? Has the GOP been able to deny Obamacare? A Cruz Supreme Court Justice favorite denied the death of Obamacare twice.

The GOP intellectual establishment pushes the importance of getting conservative Supreme Court justices to ensure that our constitution is protected. I am not saying this is not important, but, what I will say is both parties push this agenda and until this election they have ignored what is hurting Americans and their families. The decimation of the American working class for White, Blacks, Latinos, et all!

While the parties focus on social issues, blue collar Americans have been silently screaming about survival. Until Donald Trump came along and began to pry off the death grip the political class held around the throats of the the “silent majority.”

Truth be told, the majority isn’t silent, their cries have been choked out of them by the deception and lies. If not for Trump the TTP would go through under a Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton, and once again the American worker would be left to suicide and drugs or alcohol addiction.

The ruling class of both parties have not protected American’s. No they have systematically reduced and effeminized the American worker into submission. Trump is fighting the battle for America. Not for himself. Not for a party. But for us all.

What does Trump have to gain? What does he have to lose? What does Cruz have to gain? What does Cruz have to lose? And you can go down the line on this. Ted Cruz sees himself as the anointed one. Ted Cruz gave a speech this morning trying to sell us on his ability to bring in Reagan Democrats? This is absurd! I’ve met with folks all over this great country of ours, even Texas, and I have not met one Reagan Democrat who would vote for Cruz, but have met many for Trump.

It is this kind of out-of-touch tone deafness that the American people can see through.

Even in his speaking, Cruz employs a kind of preacher’s theatrics that will grate on the general public. Could you listen riveted to Cruz for one hour, or Hillary, or Bernie? But Trump has the kind of Kennedy/Reagan ability to communicate strength and authenticity the others can’t.

Last night ,while watching the election on all three cable networks, when Mississippi’s polls were closed and the results first flashed on the screen, Trump had a double digit commanding lead. Something very interesting happened next. They put up Michigan’s results while the polls were still open, showing Kasich with an early lead. They never went back to Mississippi.

I went back and forth to all three cable stations and they all had Michigan but no Mississippi. The only time they changed was when Trump overtook Kasich. All while polls were open. Does this not seem strange to you? Well it sure as hell does to me. I have never seen the kind of attacks Trump is undergoing and from every single aspect of those in power, politics, media, entertainment, business. A relentless pummeling. Two of my favorite leaders went through this, Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Trump embodies qualities of both these men.

Now let’s sit back and watch how the assassins line up against him and in doing so betray all of us.


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