Stephen Miller: Kasich Pro-Amnesty Position Even More ‘Radical’ Than Hillary’s


Stephen Miller, the senior policy advisor for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday that Ohio Governor John Kasich’s support for amnesty is more “radical” than even Hillary Clinton’s.

“John Kasich has flown under the radar screen for months because he hasn’t been winning any states; he hasn’t been winning any delegates,” Miller said of the Republican candidate who is polling neck-in-neck with Trump in the crucial winner-take-all presidential primary in Ohio tomorrow.

“Quietly he’s put together a string of statements on immigration so radical Jeb Bush’s face would turn a bright shade of red if he heard them. And, of course, at the top of that is Kasich’s pledge to have an amnesty bill in the first hundred days. Not even Hillary Clinton is pledging amnesty in a hundred days,” Miller stated.

In addition to wanting “an amnesty bill in a hundred days,” Miller claims that Kasich said that “deportations are not who we are as Americans and aren’t humane.”

“Well, tell that to the thousands of parents who buried their children because of illegal immigration,” Miller said. “Tell that to the millions of Americans who’ve lost their jobs. And tell that to the tens of millions of Americans who have lost money and income paying for healthcare and welfare for illegal immigrants that they would rather have spent on themselves and their own children and their own schools.”

Miller also argued that Kasich’s support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement would be a fatal blow to Ohio’s manufacturing industry and the middle class jobs it provides.

“So, he will sign the death warrant for Ohio’s middle class through manufacturing destruction,” Miller said. “And through his amnesty initiative and his pledge to have no deportations, he’s going to institute an open borders regime on America that will result in economic devastation, a national security nightmare, and the complete hollowing out of our middle class. So, John Kasich has basically become a wild-eyed radical with a sheepish aw-shucks routine.”

Listen to the full audio of Miller’s interview below:

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