Sheriff David Clarke: Immigration Protesters Against Trump at Rallies Are ‘a Conglomeration of Misfits’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends Weekend,” co-host Tucker Carlson interviewed Milwaukee Co., WI Sheriff David Clarke about protesters that show up at political rallies for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to express their disapproval for his immigration positions.

According to Clarke, those protesters are “conglomeration of misfits.”

“The daily press has misidentified them from the beginning and they do so intentionally,” Clarke said. “The liberal mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda wing for the Democrat Party. I identified these individuals for who they really are well over a year ago. I call them anarchists. It’s a conglomeration of misfits. You have rowdy juveniles, you have cop haters, you have university students, you have organized labor and there’s a spattering of well-intentioned people who are being used in this and are being put out front to put on a good face. This is a dangerous movement. It is a totalitarian movement.”

“They only understand one thing, Tucker,” he added. “And that is force. And I am talking about reasonable force by law enforcement. But I’m also talking about law-abiding citizens standing up for their constitutional right and not have their constitutional right trampled on at these rallies. I’m not encouraging them to start the fight, but I’m one of those that comes from the school, if the fight is inevitable, hit first, and hit hard.”

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