Trump to Work ‘Closely, Directly’ with National Border Patrol Council’ to Set U.S. Border Policy

NBPC Podcast
Breitbart Texas/Brandon Darby

Stephen Miller, the senior policy adviser for the Trump campaign, minced no words in stating that Border Patrol agents will have a “direct line” to the White House if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. Miller stated, “I am here today to say that we are going to work closely, directly, and intimately with the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) to develop a border policy for this nation.” He continued, “The NBPC will never again have a back seat in our nation’s border policy.”

The comments were made today, March 23, on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily. Breitbart Texas’ managing director, Brandon Darby, was on air and directly asked the senior Trump policy adviser, “What attitude and what role can we expect the NBPC to play in a Trump administration?” Darby praised the NBPC and explained Breitbart’s historic support for Border Patrol agents and their union.

The abridged transcript follows:


We’ve made no qualms about the fact that we are here to be voices for Border Patrol agents and to bring their voices to the American public. They are out there risking their lives and they’re often the most attacked group of law enforcement in the country. We’ve found the NBPC, which is a union, and yeah that’s a bad word in conservative circles, but it isn’t a bad word if you know about the union. They represent between 16,000-17,000 of our nation’s Border Patrol agents and they’ve been the only voice for those agents in the face of Obama appointees who’ve done nothing but attack and denigrate them. So I’d like to ask Mr. Miller, as the senior policy adviser to the Trump campaign, what attitude can we expect and what role can we expect the NBPC to play in a Trump administration?”


Great question. First of all, Brandon, I want to say to you in front of everybody listening today, what extraordinary work you’ve done in exposing the cartels and exposing the gang violence and criminal activity on our border. And also making the point that our open border, by financing cartels, also finances misery for the people of Mexico. There’s nothing compassionate for anybody about an open border. The open border creates misery for everybody and certainly it creates misery for the American people.

To your second question, we understand the importance of a law enforcement union. It’s the only voice for the agents. It’s the only voice to learn the truth. It’s the only way to know what’s really happening. It’s the only way agents can protect themselves from political appointees and special interests.

I am here today to say that we are going to work closely, directly, and intimately with the NBPC to develop a border policy for this nation. We are going to make sure they have the resources they need to get this job done. They are going to be sitting with us to craft a policy that works for America and for them. We are going to protect the Border Patrol agents. We are going to protect their mission. We are going to make sure that we secure the border once and for all. The NBPC will never again have a back seat in our nation’s border policy.


Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight. You’re saying in a Trump administration, as a senior policy adviser, that the actual agents in the NBPC, are not going to be sitting behind a door and having, they’re going to be playing an active role in determining border security policy? Am I reading that correct, am I hearing that?


Absolutely. The day is over when people with political agendas are going to write policies that work for the special interests but not for the agents. The agents are going to be the voice that we go to to hear what’s really happening on the border and what we are going to do about it. We are going to work with the NBPC, and not just in a token way. But in depth, on a regular basis, they are going to have a direct line into our policy making on a routine basis. We are going to sit down with them and figure out how to secure this border and how to make life better for their agents and for the country. It will be a new day in America for the NBPC.

Readers can hear the interview in full.

(Disclosure: Breitbart Texas sponsored the Green Line podcast for the NBPC in an effort to provide a platform for agents to inform the public about the realities on the border and what Border Patrol agents face. Director Brandon Darby received an award from the Laredo chapter of the NBPC for his work in helping to defend and bring a voice to Border Patrol agents. Breitbart News assisted in covering funeral costs for a slain Border Patrol agent previously.)


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