Rafael Cruz: ‘Attack on Religion Is to Deify Government’

AP Photo/Molly Riley
AP Photo/Molly Riley

American preacher Rafael Cruz, the father of 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, joined Breitbart News Saturday with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. Cruz described the pitfalls of communist governments that act as the god of the people, and he issued a call to action for principled Americans today.

Cruz spoke of growing up under Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and being drawn in as a young man by charismatic leader Fidel Castro, the man that would later take over the dictatorship.

“I found myself involved in a [Cuban] revolution as a teenager following this young, charismatic leader that talked about hope and change, his name was Fidel Castro. And we all thought he was going to be our liberator.” The words “hope and change” were echoed by Senator Barack Obama as he swooped in as the captivating 2008 presidential candidate that would overcome Hillary of the Clinton dynasty.

Cruz spoke of being captured and tortured before legally obtaining a student visa to get to the United States. He later went back to the island and saw the oppression of the poor and  attacks on freedom of the press and freedom of religion. He described returning more appreciative than ever of the “home of the free” United States.

Bannon asked Cruz what it is like living as “a young person in turbulent times” and how bad Cruz thinks Christian persecution is today.

“The attack on Christianity is escalated to a new level,” Cruz responded. He took a moment to point out the difference between Obama’s “freedom of worship” and the actual right, freedom of religion.

“Every communist country must make government their god,” Cruz said. “ And so in order to make government their god they must destroy the concept of god. That what’s behind the attack on religion is to deify government, and the Obama administration is no different.”

Bannon asked Cruz how America drifted into a more secular society. “America is the only country on the face of the earth that was founded on the word of God, was founded by men and women seeking the freedom to worship almighty God.” He spoke of the first great awakening in the 1730s that he tells listeners was the spark for the American Revolution.

Cruz went on to say, “We have believed this lie of separation of church and state. Which is not in the Constitution, is not in the Declaration.” He spoke of the Humanist Manifesto and it’s part in history and connection to the communist party.

He also spoke of Common Core and stated that it pushes secular humanism and an anti-Christian worldview with situational ethics on school children.

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself,” Cruz said citing the words of World War II preacher Dietrich Boenhoffer. “We cannot remain silent.”

“Perhaps we have been asleep at the wheel too long,” Cruz went on to say. “I am very, very encouraged because I see the sleeping giant waking up…I think America’s greatest days are still ahead, but it’s going to take for people of faith, for people of principle to become active in the civic society. We cannot continue to be passive, singing inside the churches and sitting at home watching the idiot box instead of becoming involved in the political arena.”

Cruz instructed listeners to look into a candidate’s record, not just the words they use to sell themselves to voters. “Vote according to your principles, don’t be swayed by emotion, this is too important.” Cruz pointed to his son Sen. Ted Cruz’s record in relation to the Supreme Court and second amendment.

Cruz is the author of a book entitled, A Time For Action: Empowering the Faithful to Reclaim America.

Listen to the full interview with Cruz here:

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