Black Liberation Radical Hero Mutulu Shakur Facing Parole Board

FILE - In this Oct. 21, 1981, file photo, police are at the scene of a Brinks armored truck robbery at the Nanuet Mall in Nanuet, N.Y., where multiple Nyack police officers and a Brinks guard were killed earlier during the robbery. After more than 30 years behind bars Mutulu …
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Mutulu Shakur, the revolutionary thug who is a hero to the left and the step-father of deceased rap superstar Tupac Shakur, will have a parole hearing today.

Shakur is currently serving a 60 year sentence at the United States Penitentiary, Victorville for his role in the deadly robbery of a bank’s armored truck in New York that killed three people dead.

Shakur, whose real name is Jeral Williams, was one of the leaders of a Black Liberation Army/Weatherman offshoot group known as The Family, that was notable for its use of what Shakur called “the white edge.” That’s defined as the use of white members by the black liberation group in order to divert police attention.

Former Students for a Democratic Society radical Kathy Boudin was part of the group, and served a jail sentence for her role in a 1981 Brinks robbery on Long Island that Shakur masterminded. Boudin was an integral part of that deadly robbery. She was paroled in 2003 and is currently a university professor in New York City. As Breitbart News documented extensively in The Gory Details about Terrorist Teacher Kathy Boudin, she lied in her own parole hearing, claiming she had no idea what the Black Liberation Army was despite the fact that she had named her son after Assata Shakur, the “queen of the Black Liberation Army.”

Assata Shakur was also the focus of another one of The Family and Mutulu Shakur’s crimes, when Assata— whose real name is JoAnn Chesimard—was broken out of prison by the group.

Assata Shakur is currently living in exile in Cuba and is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List. Assata is a hero the modern-day Black Lives Matter movement, who invoke her name at every event in what they referred to as “Assata’s Prayer.”

The Black Lives Matter movement follows in the footsteps of the New Left by having a warm place in its heart for people who murdered law enforcement officers.

Mutulu Shakur, naturally, is also a hero to the left, and a support site calling for his freedom paints him as a political prisoner.

As Breitbart News has documented, the black liberation movement teaches that every black person currently incarcerated is a political prisoner, this belief stems from the 1966 Black Panther party 10 Point Platform, and is currently being implemented through the bipartisan push to end “Mass incarceration.”.

The Rockland County Times reports, “Family members of the victims and others expressed surprise that Shakur was eligible for parole. ‘I don’t believe anyone thought he would get out any time soon,’ Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura said.”

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