Mike Allen: Paul Ryan ‘Making People Want Him’ As A ‘Mirage Candidate’

U.S. Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivers remarks on Capitol Hill March 23,
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Politico’s Mike Allen remains confident that Speaker Paul Ryan could end up with the Republican president nomination for president in a brokered convention.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt this morning, Allen explained that Ryan was using the exact same political playbook that he used to become Speaker of the House.

“We have him out there doing exactly what he did when he was running for Speaker and that’s making people want him, playing hard to get,” Allen said, pointing out a New York Times headline this morning describing Ryan as the “mirage candidate.”

Ryan’s multiple denials of any interest in the nomination, Allen explained, were all part of the Ryan plan.

“That’s what he has to say, that’s the only way that it could happen, he’s using the exact playbook that he ran to become Speaker,” Allen said. “It is also going to be very effective if there’s vacuum in Cleveland.”

Allen predicted that if Trump wasn’t able to garner a majority of delegates in the first ballot at the Republican convention, it would be unlikely that Cruz supporters could flip to support Trump after their nasty primary fight.

But Ryan, Allen said, could never show any interest in the presidential nomination in order to be successful.

“If he looks like he wants it, he won’t get it, because then he becomes part of the establishment and it becomes a plot to take it away from Donald Trump.”


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