Frank Gaffney: Charles Koch’s Isolationism Like ‘A Lot Of American Businessmen’ ‘Towards Nazi Germany Before World War II’

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Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss recent comments by Charles Koch criticizing both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for their national security views; in essence, Gaffney likened Koch’s attitude to a type of pre-World war II appeasement.

In response to Koch, Gaffney told Bannon: “I think there are people that admire the Kochs for their business acumen, some have received immense amounts of money from them, which always inspires a certain amount of reverence but I think looked at objectively, they are not without flaws — the Koch brothers — in particular from the perspective of a national security guy.”

“They have promoted a kind of isolationism, or at least dressed up as Libertarianism with respect to national security policy that I think has been really problematic,” he said. “They kind of remind me of the attitude that a lot of American businessmen and others had towards Nazi Germany before World War II — which was, leave it alone, or maybe even do business with it.  It’s problematic in the extreme.”

Koch’s original comments were reported by Breitbart News here.

In a revealing interview with ABC News, Koch said it was ‘possible’ that Clinton would be better alternative than anything the Republicans offer. ‘We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way,’ he said. In a scathing attack on Trump and Cruz, Koch said he could not back either candidate unless they backtracked on some of their controversial policies.

The businessman singled out Cruz’s vow to carpet bomb ISIS in the Middle East and Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants as policies he could not support. ‘That’s gotta be hyperbole, but I mean that a candidate – whether they believe it or not – would think that appeals to the American people. This is frightening,’ Koch said.

‘What was worse was this “we’ll have them all registered”,’ Koch said as he lambasted Trump’s plans on Muslims. ‘That’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I mean, that’s monstrous as I said at the time.’

Asked to elaborate on his comments at top, said Gaffney: “In the sense that, if you ignore the reality… a totalitarian ideology, at least in its broad outlines, is not that different from Nazism, or Communism, I call it communism with a God, namely Sharia.”

“If we ignore that reality, that it is abroad in the world, that it is seeking to impose this barbarian program worldwide, through jihad — and frankly, that it’s not only elsewhere but it’s here in our own country. That there are adherents to this program, not all Muslims by any means but a considerable number of them, and many of them run mosques and otherwise have dominant positions, that thanks to the work of the Muslim Brotherhood — to pretend that that’s not a problem is, I think, extraordinarily dangerous and one of the things the Koch brothers ought to be called out on,” he said.

“If they’re going to suggest that people, and I think both Trump and Cruz in their ways have seriously called attention to these sorts of problems… at least they are calling the public’s attention to a real danger, that is, sharia adherent Muslims seeking to impose that program on all of us through jihad of the violent kind, or the Muslim Brotherhood stealthy kind, that’s something that we need leadership on,” he added.

Gaffney believes both Trump and Cruz “have done a real public service by allowing us to have the conversation we must as a nation have about the nature of this jihadist enemy, the fact that it is not only a problem in parts of the Middle East and now in Europe, that represents real dangers for our interests, but that they are actually building the infrastructure in this country to wage jihad here, as well.”

“And the Kochs and others could play a very helpful role in getting their wealth and their community of philanthropists behind addressing these things seriously, not calling people Nazis because they’re raising, appropriately, concerns about them,” he said.

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