Indiana Poll: 58 Percent Disapprove of Cruz, Kasich Teaming Up

Cruz Kasich (Joe Raedle / Getty)
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

A new poll shows a majority of likely voters in Indiana’s primary do not approve of Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s agreement to pull Kasich’s campaign resources out of the state.

From NBC News:

The NBC/WSJ/Marist poll was conducted April 26-28 — so mostly after Trump’s six-consecutive primary victories in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, as well as after Cruz and Kasich announced an alliance/truce, whereby Kasich wouldn’t campaign in Indiana to help Cruz (in exchange for Cruz not campaigning in Oregon and New Mexico).

But 58 percent of likely Republican primary voters in Indiana say they disapprove of Cruz and Kasich teaming up to beat Trump in the Hoosier State, while 34 percent say they approve of the move.

What’s more, only 22 percent consider the Cruz-Kasich alliance a major factor in deciding their vote, 15 percent say it’s a minor factor and 63 percent say it would play no factor at all.

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