#NeverHillary: Breitbart News Daily Callers Set Never Trump Movement Straight

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Several listeners called into Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM today to express their feelings about the state of the presidential race now that Sen. Ted Cruz has cancelled his campaign and Donald Trump has been named the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Speaking with candor and emotion, these listeners addressed the issue of the so-called Never Trump movement. Some were Cruz supporters, while some supported Trump all along; however, all agreed that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for our country.

The three callers below were selected as examples from the many calls that were received today by SiriusXM host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.

This is a partial transcript from Bannon’s discussion with three callers identified as Steve in Virginia, Joe in New Jersey, and Kathy in Florida.

STEVE IN VIRGINIA: I just want to reach out to all these voters that are diehard Cruz fans. This is the moment we have been waiting for when we can break the back of the establishment. Let’s not let a good opportunity pass by us because we want to take our ball and go home because our home team is not in the game. We have everything in the game with Donald Trump. We have no other options. We know Hillary doesn’t like any of us. We know what she’s going to do to us if she gets in. With Donald Trump there’s a glimmer of hope. And you can’t lose that flame because that’s what we got left.  You know, there is no future for us and our kids under a Clinton regime again. We know that. So, let’s all band together and stand up. And all these people that are staying home, whether it be listening to [Mark] Levin or listening to [Glenn] Beck, let me tell you something — we got everything to lose. We got nothing to gain with Hillary. We got everything to lose by not voting. Let’s step up and get behind the only leader that we have.


JOE IN NEW JERSEY: I really liked Ted Cruz. I really did, and just the opposite of everybody else, yes, I would have voted for the guy if Trump was out. My comment to these people that are calling up saying they’re going to vote for Hillary. Steve, this is only my opinion, okay, I think they were a Hillary voter all the time. That’s the way I feel.

STEPHEN K. BANNON: Joe, is Hillary Clinton the answer for the problems we have in this country right now, sir?

JOE: Oh, let’s go down to West Virginia, let’s sit in a room where she had the nerve and audacity, like Obama does, to bring her brazen you-know-what down there and sit there and lie right to people’s faces — coal miners, union guys, okay? ‘Oh, oh, I didn’t really mean to say that. I misspoke.’

BANNON: Was she as brazen there as she was in front of the caskets of the fallen at Benghazi, when she lied right to the grieving families?

JOE: Steve, you touched on something bad, man. I got a Lt. Colonel for a grandfather laying in Arlington National Cemetery, and my father is in a veteran’s cemetery. How dare her — how dare her do that to my veterans, man. I worked the streets as a police officer, and I served and was decorated. I didn’t serve my country, my community, and my family is laying in a grave somewhere, over that disgrace. How can you even think about voting for someone like that? You just wanted Hillary to begin with — all you people. That’s all you wanted. Why don’t you stand behind our country for once? You want police officers smacked in the face and everything else? What’s going on with this world? [Trump is] not an alien from outer space. He’s the only one who talked about things from the beginning … I loved Ted Cruz. He’s got right ideas, you’re right — the Constitution and everything else. He’s a great lawyer, okay. How’s he going to go down there and stand in front of thousands of Mexicans waving flags and spitting at us, ‘Oh, let me pull my Constitution out a minute and see what we can do about this right now.’ We need a fighter, man. Let’s get some fight in us. And let’s go for our veterans and let’s protect our country. Okay? I’m sorry for being, you know — you just touched on a nerve with the military. I’m just taken back. I apologize.

BANNON: No, Joe. You’ve got nothing to apologize for, brother. The country needs to hear it.


KATHY IN FLORIDA: I’m kind of emotional this morning. I’m a Trump fan. And, um, I’m sorry. I’m a Cruz supporter. I will vote for Trump.

BANNON: Hang on a second, why do you say you’re emotional? You’re a Cruz supporter. Was last night a tough night for you?

KATHY: Last night was really sad to watch a good man — we as a country had a chance individually, we could have voted for him. We could have saw that he knew what made America great. He knows it. Trump doesn’t. But we have a choice between King Trump or King Hillary, and we need to select the lesser of two evils. Can you imagine Bill Clinton back in the White House? He’s a  pervert. People — you Never Trumpers, get over it. Get over it. You’re right, I think, Marshall [a previous caller], we do need to go through more pain. We don’t teach our kids what made America great anymore. So, we can’t see it. I will vote for Trump.

BANNON: Kathy, before I let you go, what was it about the message of Ted Cruz that didn’t get, particularly in Indiana, which is a state in the heartland–

KATHY: The media told us how to vote. The media told us that–

BANNON: You don’t think your fellow conservatives or fellow Republicans are smart enough to see through that?

KATHY: No, unfortunately. I’m sorry. I do not believe Republicans are conservative anymore. They want to protect their little corner. You know, we’re all individuals. The government shouldn’t be giving it to us. Whatever us — whatever our group is. Whether it’s Social Security, whether it’s the veterans. I mean, and I love the veterans. My husband’s a vet. My son’s a vet. I love them, and they deserve us more than anything. But we need to make this country great as individuals. Okay, I’m going to make a case for Trump. He has an awesome work ethic. Look at his children. They’ve all been taught the work ethic. So, maybe instinctively, he’ll put good people around him. Maybe. But Hillary won’t. We know that.

BANNON: Kathy, as a mother of a veteran, someone that served their country in a time of war, tell us, explain as a mother, what do you think it would be like to have Hillary Rodham Clinton as Commander-in-Chief of our beloved Armed Forces?

KATHY: One word: Benghazi … She is a criminal. She should be behind bars. We can’t even get off our butts and get her behind bars.

BANNON: One other thing. You don’t seem like you’re the type of person who uses hyperbole and you called Bill Clinton a pervert. What did you mean by that, ma’am?

KATHY: Okay. Come on. I do not have to explain that. The man has women falling all over him. Please, women. We’re the freest women in the world, and we talk about unequal pay? Are you kidding me? We don’t work as hard as men. We have our children. We want, let’s say we’re a doctor. We go into a field, a line of work that doesn’t require we work more than 9 to 5.  Women, please, please, we are so fortunate to live in this country, and we’re living on fumes. We’re going down. We do need more pain. At the table, start talking about what made America great. And if you don’t know it, and I didn’t. I didn’t. until Barack Obama became a President. I was one of those who rose up. It was spontaneous, and we became the Tea Party. And I haven’t been a Tea Party member for a long time because I found out they’re just trying to protect themselves or protect what they want.  We’ve got to learn what made America great again. That is the Constitution.

BANNON: Kathy, before I let you go — do you think Donald will actually take — do you think he’s got the kind of personality that, as you’ve seen him roll through these primaries, do you think he’ll take the fight to the Clintons? Do you think he’ll go there?

KATHY: Oh my God, yes. Okay, he’s the only one, probably, that would. He’s going to drag Hillary and Bill through the dirt. So, we will beat Clinton with Trump. I believe that. When Obama got re-elected, I’ll tell you, that took the wind out of me. That really took the wind out of me. But it’s because we don’t fight! And at least Trump fights! For crying out loud. It’s time.


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