West Virginia Coal Association Endorses Donald Trump over Hillary, ‘War on Coal”

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The West Virginia Coal Association, a trade association that represents roughly 95 percent of West Virginia’s coal production, endorsed Donald Trump for president on Thursday, five days ahead of the state GOP primary on May 10th.

“Donald Trump has been firm and clear throughout his campaign in his commitment to rebuild America’s basic industries – the industries that made this country great – such as coal, steel and manufacturing” said the association’s president, Bill Raney, in a published statement. “Trump has said he will reverse the Democratic regulatory assault that has cost the coal industry more than 40 percent of our production and jobs since 2008.”

“In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s proposals essentially double-down on the job killing Obama policies,” Raney added. “West Virginia can’t afford that and neither can the nation.”

We believe that with the leadership team of Donald Trump in the White House and Bill Cole as Governor, West Virginia will begin to rebuild what we have lost to the Obama War on Coal and also look to the future once again with confidence.

The unanimous decision came during a meeting on Thursday in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump is holding his first rally since being declared the presumptive Republican nominee earlier this week in Charleston on Thursday night.


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