Wall Street Journal: Bernie Sanders Should Have Used ‘Clinton Cash’ Against Hillary

Win McNamee, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

James Taranto writes in his “Best of the Web” column in the Wall Street Journal that the new documentary film “Clinton Cash” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book of the same name, would be an effective tool for Bernie Sanders to use in his campaign against Hillary Clinton if the Vermont senator were wise enough to use it.

The insight about Sanders came to us last week after a screening of “Clinton Cash,” the new documentary based on Peter Schweizer’s book about the staggering corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and through it the State Department under Mrs. Clinton.

The doc, also showing at the Cannes Film Festival, has received favorable reviews from some unlikely sources: MSNBC (“devastating”) and Time, whose Philip Elliott observes that it “might keep disaffected liberals at home, energize the Sanders supporters to keep up the fight even after their preferred candidate bows to reality and serve up new fodder for conservative talking heads on cable news.”

During the Q&A after the screening, audience members asked if the Sanders campaign had seen the film (they hadn’t) and why Sanders himself hadn’t used any of this material in his campaign against Mrs. Clinton. That’s when it occurred to us that the Clinton Foundation’s corruption is very complicated, and Sanders has shown no capacity to deal with complication. Trump, by contrast, at least seems to understand the big picture.

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Watch the Clinton Cash trailer below:


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