‘Money Laundering Scheme’: Donald Trump Adviser Reads from ‘Clinton Cash’ at Albuquerque Rally


Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, read from the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer at a Trump campaign rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tuesday evening.

“I’m here today with a very important mission, which is to talk about this very important book here; it’s called Clinton Cash,” Miller said as he held up a copy of Schweizer’s book before approximately 10,000 people in attendance. “Has anybody heard of it?”

The crowd cheered, as Miller delved into a more-than-ten-minute-long dissection of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, while reading from the book before the crowd.

“Now, the book Clinton Cash is to Hillary Clinton what the famous black book is to the mafia,” Miller said. “This has got all the names, all the dollar amounts, all of the figures. You’ve probably heard some stuff about it. It’s written by Peter Schweizer. But I’d like to tell you a few things that are in the book. Is that okay with you?”

“YEAH!” the crowd shouted in unison.

“Great,” Miller continued. “So, Hillary Clinton was paid $21 million in speaking fees in two years. Does that sound on the up and up to you?”

“NO!” the crowd yelled back.

“No, I didn’t think so,” Miller carried on, adding:

$5 million of that alone came from Wall Street and big banks. Doesn’t sound good to me. I’m sure Bernie would have something to say about that. Hillary hid a donation—she hid a donation—of two million shares in stock that was given by a former mining executive, in violation of the State Department ethics agreement. That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

When Miller shifted to talking about Bill Clinton, noting that he “was lavished with money,” the crowd interrupted him by booing the former president.

“Oh, I have a lot of things I want to say about Bill too—but Bill Clinton was lavished with money by a for-profit education company called Laureate International University,” Miller continued after the crowd stopped booing Bill Clinton. He went on:

Get this: After receiving $9 million in grants from the State Department under Hillary Clinton…so I want to explain this: Hillary Clinton funnels grant money to this company; then the company pays Bill Clinton money. So you see how that works? From one hand to the other hand. You know what it kind of sounds like to me? It kind of sounds like a money laundering scheme.



Miller then changed gears to discuss the Haiti earthquake relief aspects of Clinton Cash.

“Do you all remember how they put the Clintons in charge of the Haiti relief?” Miller asked the crowd:

Here’s what the book says about that: I’m going to read right from the book right now. And again, we would all like everyone in the media to cover this book, wouldn’t we? So, we’re going to have a little reading time. I’m going to read right from the book. And you know what? I’ll just show up at all the rallies and keep reading from the book until the media writes about it.

Miller read directly from Schweizer’s book on stage.

He said:

So this is what the book says: “The efforts to rebuild Haiti, which were largely controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton, have been a massive failure. Funds for reconstruction have ended up in worthless projects while in several cases Clinton friends, allies and family members have benefitted from the reconstruction. The reality seemed clear. As one individual told The Wall Street Journal: ‘You won’t be in the game.'” Does that sound like the proper way to run disaster relief? No. The book continues: “It is hard to overstate the power the Clintons wielded in the disbursement of U.S. taxpayer money for Haitian relief.”

After a protester interrupted Miller—not even waiting for Trump himself to come on stage to get ejected—and security swiftly removed the agitator, Miller continued.

“This next part is the most shocking; listen to this,” Miller said. “‘But it wasn’t just connected businessmen who were benefitting from the rebuilding of Haiti. Clinton family members did too.’ This is going to blow your mind folks.”

He continued reading:

Bill and Hillary had been looking for investors to come to Haiti. But it was a real problem. One possible bright spot was mining. Haiti is rich in natural resources. There is an estimated $20 billion in gold, silver and other precious metals. In 2012, the Haitian government decided to do something for the first time this century: Grant permits for gold mining.

“Now, here’s the key part,” he said. “One of the two recipients was a small North Carolina startup called VCS mining. The company had little track record of mining operation but its leadership would later boast a board member with a familiar last name: Tony Rodham, Hillary’s youngest brother.”

The crowd booed at the revelation.

“So, it’s nice how that all worked out, isn’t it?” Miller said. “Now, altogether, Hillary hid 1,100 foreign donor names to the foundation while she was at State. And guess who else donated to the foundation? Fannie and Freddie.” He continued, “Does anyone remember those names? And they also donated to her campaign. Now, why might Fannie and Freddie have been wanting to give money to Hillary Clinton?”

“CROOKED HILLARY!” a woman in the crowd yelled out.

“It has to do with the mortgage meltdown which affected the lives of so many people in this room,” Miller said, and continued:

How many people know that the law, the Community Reinvestment Act, which paved the way for the housing meltdown? How many people know that Bill Clinton signed that and pushed for the regulations? How many of you know that when we tried to fix it in 2005, Hillary Clinton filibustered the reform package? And then, all of a sudden, the money magically ends up in Hillary’s pockets.

Miller also noted that Hillary Clinton is “completely and totally owned by Wall Street.”

“Now, let’s talk about something else Hillary said,” Miller added. “Hillary says that Donald Trump’s a bully. That’s her term of art. She says Donald Trump’s a bully. Let’s think about this for a second. You know who the bullies are in society?” Explaining, he said:

The bullies are the politicians who are sending your jobs overseas. The bullies are the corporate special interests who support open borders just to get a little bit extra cheaper labor. The bullies are the media executives and television personalities who mock and demean the good and decent people in this room. The bullies are people like Hillary Clinton who don’t care about any of you or anyone else, people like Hillary Clinton who have no empathy for the American worker.

Miller continued by noting that while Hillary Clinton got rich, the people she purports to back suffered.

“While Hillary Clinton was raking in her millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, the people she claims to care about were suffering,” Miller said. He added:

Their communities were crumbling. Black and hispanic youth were seeing their unemployment skyrocket. They were seeing their schools fail. They were seeing their communities fall apart. But Hillary didn’t care because she was raking in the money. Hillary Clinton never did anything for the working people of this country but sell them out. Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is the man who’s going to defend you from the bullies. Donald Trump is the man who’s going to be your special interest. Donald Trump is going to be the fighter in your corner. You know what? I think it’s time the American people had a champion. The only people Hillary Clinton goes to bat for are the special interests.

Then Miller connected it all back to Trump’s core policy messages of pro-American immigration and trade policies, in direct contrast to Clinton’s support for open borders and bad trade deals—all of which hurts Americans economically.

“Donald Trump is going to fight for you,” Miller said, further asserting:

Donald Trump is going to protect you. He’s going to protect your wages because he understands we’re all in this together folks—black, white, hispanic, every single working person in this country wants a secured border, has a shared interest in a vibrant manufacturing center, has a shared interest in good safe schools. What does Hillary Clinton have to offer the working men and women in this country? Not one thing. Her open border policies are going to drive down wages for everyone, her trade policies are going to drive away jobs from everybody. And when she sold her soul to Wall Street, she sold the country down the river with it.


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