Exclusive: Sen Sessions Punches Back at Dem Attack Dog Warren

elizabeth warren and jeff sessions AP Photos
AP Photos

In an exclusive interview, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) told Breitbart News about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.)’s stinging remarks at the American Constitution Society dinner.

“Those remarks were excessive and I’ll just say that,” said the courtly senator, whom Donald Trump himself has flagged as a potential running mate. “We are all colleagues. We all work together. We advocate vigorously. We should be accurate about it.” Sessions spoke to Breitbart News after his address Friday to the Road to Majority conference.

In what is shaping up as a battle between two vice-presidential candidates, Warren blasted Sessions as the architect of a two-part sabotage of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees. The first part is the blockade by which the Republicans keep benches empty for a future GOP president to fill. The second part is the destruction of personal reputations–led by Sessions.

Warren said the Alabama senator’s opposition to Obama nominees is corrosive.

“Senate Republicans and their big business allies don’t like nominees who reflect an insufficient devotion to the interests of the rich and the powerful–so, they smear them.”

“This approach is corrosive to the legal profession. It is corrosive to our courts. It corrosive to the rule of law,” she said.

The example Warren cited was the confirmation of Paula Xinis. Xinis was a Maryland lawyer, who made a fortune suing police officers and departments and won a $5 million lawsuit against a New Jersey police dog.

“Senator Jeff Sessions was just plain insulting to Paula Xinis,” said Warren.

The insult? Sessions asked the nominee if she could assure law enforcement that she would be fair to them.

Sessions said Warren does not appreciate that Sessions is standing up against liberal takeover of the judiciary.

“The Left, which she is an active part of, wants judges who advance an agenda they cannot win at the ballot box,” he said.


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