Obama ‘Slow Jams’ Legacy To Combat Donald Trump: ‘Orange Is Not The New Black’

President Barack Obama speaks with Jimmy Fallon on the set of the 'The Tonight Show S
Thomas A. Ferrara-Pool/Getty Images

President Barack Obama didn’t just slow jam the news, he slow jammed his presidential legacy and his argument against Donald Trump.

After taking the microphone on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Obama said he was not watching Donald Trump election coverage, but rather his new favorite television show “Orange Is Not The New Black.”

“I don’t want to name any names,” Obama said, after celebrating his foreign policy legacy, as the background singer crooned, “He’s talking about Donald Trump.”

Obama also promoted his Trans-Pacific Trade deal, arguing that opening up trade would bring more high paying jobs and put more Americans back to work.

Obama told the audience that he took office after one of the worst recessions in history, and claimed he pulled the economy back thanks to his nearly trillion dollar stimulus program.

“Oh yeah, President Obama stimulating long term growth in both the public and the private sector,” Jimmy Fallon said smoothly as the background singer sang, “Created tons of jobs for you and me, he’s got one more for Hillary.”

Obama then promoted Obamacare and celebrated a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry.

“Commander in preach!” Fallon said. “Gotta listen my man Bareezus, who’s accomplished a lot in eight years and when congress tried to block him he found his way in through the back door.”

The background singer chanted, “his first two terms ended in such a hurry, wish he could go for three, like my man Steph Curry.

Obama replied by saying he would not run for a third term, reminding the audience that he only had 223 days until his vacation.

After the slow jam, Obama made a point of dropping the microphone.


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