Exclusive — Sarah Palin on Orlando Islamic Terror Attack: ‘The Solution Begins with Acknowledging the Threat’


In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on the Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub on Saturday night by a gunman who pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin expressed “profound sorrow for the victims” and affirmed that “Americans must have the means to protect against Islamic terror.”

In an email to Breitbart News, Governor Palin wrote (emphasis in the original):

Tremendous sorrow is shared with all those affected by the horror witnessed in Florida. May God’s grace envelope victims’ loved ones. From across the nation, our prayers join yours for peace.

The solution to these Islamic attacks that would hurl us toward transforming into an intensely frightened, cowering nation? No, it is not more “gun control” that further strips us of the responsibility and means to protect the innocent. The solution begins with acknowledging the threat, for it creates a dark and deadly situation for every American when the leader of the free world leaves Islamic terrorism out of our calculations, when they are among us.


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