Idaho Sex Assault: Child Victim Trapped As Refugee Assailant Still Lives Next Door


The five-year-old girl victimized in a sex attack by Sudanese and Iraqi refugee boys in Twin Falls, Idaho, is too terrified to leave her home, partly because one of her attackers still lives next door, according to a civic volunteer who is working with the victim’s family.

On June 2, a 14-year-old Sudanese refugee in Idaho coached a 10-year-old Sudanese and a seven-year-old Iraqi boy as they cornered the child in the laundry room of Fawnbrooks Apartments, stripped her naked, touched her, and urinated in her mouth and on her clothes. The 14-year-old filmed the vicious attack until an elderly woman intervened.

The families have been served eviction notices, but the family of the Iraqi attacker haven’t left, according to one resident.

Twin Falls resident Julia Ruf testified before the city council Monday, revealing that the seven-year-old attacker continues to play with other children in the neighborhood while his victim is confined to her home:

I would advise, again, to consider in any decision made forthcoming that we do, that you do, together agree that the security of this community be held higher than any desire for economic gain or otherwise. That the security of this community be in your mind as you make decisions about who is and who is not going to be sought out to bring into this community, no matter what group they are from.

I’d like to be a little personal. There is a little person, who is afraid to go out of her house, who wears two pairs of underpants to protect herself now. And she can’t go out of her house because her perpetrator is still living next door. So, who has become the prisoner, after being dragged and attacked and violated? Who has become the prisoner? It is the family who can’t afford to move because of poverty. And I think we all know that poor people in our community are the primary victims of crime. And it remains true in this case, and there is a secondary offense when someone is not safe to go out of their house because their perpetrator remains their neighbor.

I’m not certain if this is the way Idaho always governs violations for people under 18. If it is, I think we need to address that as a state. We need to address that as a city. Perhaps we need to amend how we do things, in order to protect underage people when they are violated by a peer. And instead of looking at two and three years as having a big significance, look at the actions that were perpetrated by the offender. We are responsible to keep her safe. She does not have the power to do that. I don’t have the power to do that. I can only petition my city, and my police department, to do that.

I know they have received an eviction notice, among other things, and they are still there. And this little boy is still in the neighborhood playing with all the other children, while his victim is held inside her apartment to be safe. She is trying to recover. How can she?

An Obama justice official has twice threatened outraged Americans discussing the crime and Obama’s secretive, Third World refugee resettlement programs that exclude all input from communities targeted for enrichment.

However, the arrival of migrants is strongly backed by local merchants and real-estate owners and also by employers such as the Chobani yogurt factory, which has hired many migrant workers in place of local Americans.



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