Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Clinton ‘Did Everything Wrong’


CLEVELAND, Ohio — On Tuesday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani sat down for a one-on-one interview with Breitbart News. Giuliani, who brought New York City through the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history, expressed fear of another Clinton presidency.

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton put our nation in grave danger with her action, or lack of action, in dealing with our enemies. “Once she is elected, she is going to go further to the left,” said Giuliani. He went on to say, “Both Putin, the Islamic State, Islamic terrorism, and the Ayatollah have taken the measure of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and have judged them as weak.”

Giuliani asserted:

She had her chance as secretary of state for four years, and she did everything wrong. She left the Middle East in shambles, she reset the relationship with Russia, and she allows Putin to push us all around the world. She changed her position on the pipeline. She has made us a country that has become now a very weak country. She has no accomplishments as secretary of state. She can’t point to a single thing that she did. She supports the totally dangerous agreement with Iran that is allowing them to get billions of dollars which they are using to kill us and they are using to kills our allies. Can you imagine we are paying them to help kill us? She agrees with that. And she has been a proven liar. She lied to the families of the victims of Benghazi. She lied with regard to emails at least on ten occasions. She destroyed thirty-four thousand emails. I, as I think Judge Mukasey will point out tonight, she really belongs behind bars.

As mayor of New York City, Giuliani was always the champion of the police. When asked if America’s police were under attack, he responded, “Yes, America’s police are under attack, as any police officer would tell you.” Elaborating, he said, “Since last night when I spoke, I probably have talked to fifty police officers. I have gone back and forth to New York. All of them have thanked me and thanked the other speakers at the Republican Convention for relieving some of the tension and for bringing it to light.”

Giuliani went on to say:

For many many months now, police officers in America have felt that they have a target on their back. That includes white police officers, black police officers, Hispanic police officers. They feel that the atmosphere that has been created is an anti-police atmosphere which ignites these people who have hatred of the police. Here is the really weird thing: the police are the ones protecting them. The police officers who were killed were on a mission to protect African American people.

Giuliani, who is well known for his brash outspokenness, feels that political correctness is out of control. “If Donald Trump is politically incorrect, then Hillary Clinton is a criminal. So which is worse? I wouldn’t consider Donald Trump politically incorrect. I would consider him refreshingly honest. He says what he thinks. We don’t always have to agree.”

“Donald Trump represents the main core of what we need: prosperous America, less regulation on business, lower corporate taxes, a much, much stronger reaction to Islamic extremist terrorism, and support for our police, who need support.” Giuliani continued, “And he understands the lack of economic opportunity and the poor education in the Black community, and he has answers for that. How about charter schools? What about vouchers? The things that Democrats have been depriving Blacks of for years?”


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