Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson Plot to Subvert the Will of the People to Elect Romney

Facebook, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show on Wednesday, Never Trump leader Erick Erickson mused on yet another scheme to foist Mitt Romney on the American electorate this year.

If one can wade through Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson discussing wild-eyed conspiracy theories involving GOP nominee Donald Trump and Russia and their claims that they are among the few remaining Americans who still believe in the Constitution, you will hear some serious crazy as Beck, his co-hosts, and Erickson elaborate on a strategy to derail the GOP nominee and throw the November Presidential election to the House of Representatives to decide.

The theory, as explained by Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere, is to run a “conservative” candidate in two to three deep red states “where Hillary Clinton has no chance of winning,” so that Trump can’t get to the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to win, thereby throwing the election to the House of Representatives, assuming that Hillary doesn’t win outright.

Their dream “conservative” candidate seems to be Mitt Romney — but only because “Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House,” and therefore unavailable. They never do get around to accounting for the widespread unpopularity of both these men across the GOP base. But then their plan isn’t genuinely rooted in democracy anyway.

Erickson, who apparently fancies himself “a student of American politics” — one can imagine the F’s on that report card at this point — claims, “It would be fun to do something like that.” Yes, surely all self-professed Constitutional conservatives believe subverting the will of the voters and allowing Washington insiders to pick the American President is “fun.”  It’s a shame the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, issued in 2013 wasn’t in time to catch Trump Derangement Disorder as the mental health challenge it’s clearly become for a select few talking airheads on the right.

As for their elitist scheme, “I like the idea, frankly, I would probably broaden it,” says Erickson, “because at this point I think the Republicans need to have their nose rubbed in Trump’s nomination in finding a Republican who beats Trump in more states than just those three.”

“I would relish the idea,” Erickson adds.

Some may be surprised to find that Erickson, who built his reputation on stoking populist outrage with what now was so obviously simply schtick, would be all too happy to have Washington insiders in Congress pick the next President instead of the people. And these are the same D.C. insiders that are all but loathed by the conservative base Erickson still claims to represent.

Erickson seems to have never gotten over being thumped by Trump last year after a failed grandstanding stunt of disinviting Trump from a minor gathering. Poor boy.

“You can’t say you’re denying Trump victory when you’re only going after him in Republican states,” says the self-professed student of politics Erickson. That alone should earn him his latest ‘F,’ but then, what better word to describe him at this point, than ‘failure’?

Lest you think one can make too much of this craziness, Beck’s co-host even says, “The will of the people is a serious problem with this,” though that doesn’t stop these few self-appointed keepers of the Constitution from continuing to plot out their silly scheme.

You can listen to the full clip below, but we can’t be held responsible for the fifteen wasted minutes of your life you’ll never get back if you choose to listen to the whole thing.



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