Exclusive — Sean Hannity Bludgeons Wall Street Journal Editor Bret Stephens As ‘Arrogant Elitist’

Brett Stephens, Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is ripping into Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens.

Iraq War artifact Stephens, who staunchly defends George W. Bush and Bill Kristol’s nation-building experiment, is a pillar of the exiled Republican Establishment.

“Fox News’ dumbest anchor had a message for y’all,” Stephens tweeted, slamming Hannity for saying he was “sick and tired” of Republicans for going on and on about how upset they are over Donald Trump’s feud with Saudi-connected DNC speaker Khizr Khan.

Hannity is punching back at Stephens and it’s one of his most scathing comebacks since he went after Alec Baldwin’s divorce on radio many years ago. But Hannity’s punches at Stephens are much more significant, because they represent something very real that is happening in the Republican Party right now.

“He is a typical arrogant elitist who is incapable of understanding the plight of millions upon millions of Americans in poverty, on food stamps and out of the labor force,” Hannity told Breitbart News, referring to Stephens.

“He is incapable of recognizing the danger of record debt and deficits and unfunded liabilities. He is incapable of recognizing the danger of open borders and refugees that are not properly vetted,” Hannity continued.

With Roger Ailes out at Fox News, and Megyn Kelly and the Murdoch kids still in, the situation over there kind of resembles the Battle of Gallipoli.

Hannity’s career transcended that of his onetime sparring partner Alan Colmes when he scored the 9 pm hour by himself in 2009. He was one of Ailes’ favorite dependable anchors. As Fox News went hard in the #NeverTrump direction this election cycle, Hannity kept the pro-Trump audience from completely abandoning Fox in primetime.

Now, Hannity is defining his place in the new Republican Party, where the Drudge Report, Breitbart News, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh were placed on Conservative Movement blacklists during the darkest days of the Great Trump-Cruz War.

Since Cleveland, where Trump supporters overthrew the corrupting forces of globalist special interests, the #NeverTrump operatives have been in retreat. Trump humiliated Cruz in Cleveland, prompting black merchants on Cleveland’s Fourth Avenue to start hawking “Ted Cruz Sucks…Hillary Swallows” T-shirts.

The new Republican style has been called “populism through vulgarity.” Maybe that’s fitting in some cases, like the term “cucking,” which is now used casually and publicly by the likes of Edward Snowden over in Russia. But the vulgarity, while fun, masks the deeper importance of this stage of the GOP Civil War.

Some like Bill Kristol are hoping for a Hillary win so that those globalist special interests can come back and re-corrupt the party after November. Bill, son of Irving, was caught leaning up against a wall at the Cleveland Ritz-Carlton pretending to talk on his cell phone so he could spy on Matthew Boyle, Patrick Howley, and Milo Yiannopoulos at our convention.

Hannity is making it known that he stands with the Populist Nationalist Champions of the New and Better Republican Party Borne in Cleveland That Will Reign Supreme For Years To Come.

“He is incapable of understanding the danger of electing a president who refuses to say the words ‘radical Islam,’ who supports the Iranian deal that gives the number one state sponsor of terrorism $150 billion and the right to move forward with its nuclear program,” Hannity pressed on in conversation with Breitbart News, referring to Stephens.

“He is an elitist who refuses to recognize that weak, spineless, feckless, visionless Republicans who abandoned every promise they ever made, and every principle they ever espoused, helped facilitate the entire Obama agenda,” Hannity stated for the record.

“He deserves Hillary’s Supreme Court selections. He deserves the unvetted refugees living next door to him. He deserves the economy in decline that will continue, and he deserves the consequences of a foreign policy predicated on appeasement.”


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