Report: Another Disturbing Sexual Assault in Twin Falls

Report: Another Disturbing Sexual Assault in Twin Falls
Jimmy Emerson, DVM/Flickr/Police Photo

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO — A town that was recently rocked by the horrific gang-rape of a five-year-old girl by refugee boys has had an arrest in a case involving charges of another disturbing sexual assault case last weekend.

Mohammed Hussein I. Eldai, 28, is facing charges of felony sexual assault of a vulnerable adult for an attack that happened Friday afternoon.

The alleged victim, who has been diagnosed with mental retardation, encountered Eldai when she was out for a walk in the Saturday afternoon heat and laid down to take a nap.

As Twin Falls TV station KM TV reports:

She then laid on the sidewalk when her fatigue took over. That’s when she says 28-year-old Mohammed Hussein Eldai saw her and asked if she was okay.

Court documents say Eldai brought the woman to his house where he made her a drink. She told police Eldai touched her and exposed himself to her while he kept the victim in his bedroom.

Neither the media nor the local authorities have released information on why Mohammed Eldai was in Twin Falls, whether he is a U.S. citizen, or whether he has any connection to Twin Falls’s controversial refugee program. Sources say that Eldai required the services of an interpreter in court.

The June 2nd rape of a five-year-old garnered national attention after local politicians and media attempted to downplay or cover up the incident. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the victim’s father revealed that he had watched 30 seconds of the video of the horrific attack in that case.

Recently, local activists in Twin Falls have invited both presidential candidates to come to the area to see the effects of the refugee program on the town and to discuss the related issues of immigration and the refugee program.

The alleged perpetrator has been arrested and is now being held at the Twin Falls County Jail. His bail bond has been set at $10,000, and his preliminary hearing is set to be held on August 19th.


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