For Hillary Clinton and Democrats, Not ALL Lives Matter

A message reading "All Lives Matter" is written on the pavement as police in riot gear cast shadows while standing in line ahead of a curfew Friday, May 1, 2015, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
AP Photo/David Goldman

Have you noticed that in 2016, not ALL lives are created equal? At least, not according to Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democratic Party, and their knee-jerk, sycophantic sock-puppets in the mainstream media. In fact, there’s a color-coded, religion-specific pecking order to determining which lives matter most.

Black Lives Matter greatly, of course – and they matter so much that “Black Lives Matter” was the first political movement to be launched simultaneously with its own line of merchandising! (There are 14,967 results on Amazon for “Black Lives Matter” clothing, shoes and jewelry.) With hats, caps, T-shirts, pins, bracelets, workout gear, boxers, lingerie … it’s a (quasi-) civil rights movement wrapped in a Nike-style branding campaign. Much of the merch perpetuates the discredited fallacy of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” – but that’s okay: the movement isn’t exactly a stickler for factual accuracy.

It’s more like a garish example of Identity Politics run amuck: In Obama’s America, the “value” of a victim is now inexorably linked to the President’s capacity to imagine the victim as his family member. If you look like Obama’s theoretical son, then your life is worthy of his sympathy. If not … you’re on your own.

But from its inception, the Black Lives Matter movement was built upon the classic strawman canard because nobody is claiming that black lives DON’T matter! There simply isn’t a pro-death, pro-murdering, or pro-killing black people movement anywhere on the political landscape.

It doesn’t exist.

Nobody wants people killed (with the possible exception of Bill O’Reilly, who’s making a veritable mint with his Killing book series. He’s profiting so much by killing people, Philip Morris is envious! By the way, rumor has it that O’Reilly’s next Killing book will be entitled Killing Roger Ailes, and features Megyn Kelly on the cover. But I digress.)

Arguing that “Black Lives Matter!” is like arguing that adorable kittens belong on your Facebook feed: there isn’t anyone arguing the contrary.

Interestingly, have you noticed that virtually no one in the Black Lives Matter movement supports an increase in gun ownership? The exact opposite is true: their political patrons utterly detest the Second Amendment and eagerly plot to further restrict private citizens from owning weapons for self-protection. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she’s literally one Supreme Court seat away from deleting the Second Amendment –as if it were an old email on her private server.

Yet logically, if you can’t use guns to keep yourself safe – and if you can’t trust policemen to keep you safe – then what are you left with?

The answer: money.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is now demanding reparations for slavery. Of course.

In addition to Black Lives Mattering, Muslim Lives Matter, too. The displacement and slaughter of millions of Christians in the Middle East elicit a yawn and an eye-roll from the White House, but opening Europe and North America to the floodgates of Muslim immigrants is now a moral imperative. President Obama sidesteps Congress (and constitutional authority) to rewrite immigration laws on his own. A President Hillary Clinton would exponentially increase the number of Muslim immigrants from nations that are a hotbed of terrorism.

Because Muslim Lives Matter.

So even if a percentage of these new Muslim immigrants engage in mass-rapes – as they have in Europe – or refuse to assimilate, advocate Sharia law, are ISIS sympathizers, or have no relevant job-skills and are wholly dependent on public assistance … none of it matters. Their “lives” are all-important, and the welfare of everyone else in the host nation is a distant second.

But isn’t it kind of odd that absorbing all the Muslims fleeing from the Middle East is the great moral imperative of our age … but actually fighting the radical Islamists who are forcing these Muslims to flee is a slow, methodical, wait-and-see process with no real sense of urgency?

Why is it that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama are so anxious to permanently alter their country’s demographics to “manage” the symptoms of radical Islam, but so disinterested in quickly excising this cancer from the heart of the Middle East?

Refugees are the symptom; ISIS is the cancer. Obviously, the symptom will continue until the cancer is eliminated.

And if all the able-bodied Muslims flee the Middle East to live in Europe and America … then who the hell will still be left on the ground to defeat ISIS anyway?

Another example of Muslim Lives Mattering is the sad situation with the Khan family. Their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, was an American hero who died in Iraq. And since Captain Humayun Khan died in a war that the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee voted for and supported … the 2016 Republican presidential nominee is the racist, anti-American pig with Captain Khan’s blood on his hands! Naturally.

Khan’s father told his tragic story at the Democratic Nation Convention. One week earlier, Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean, was killed in the 2012 Benghazi embassy attack, told her equally tragic story at the Republican National Convention. Khan blasted Trump – who was a private citizen when Captain Humayun Khan died (and vocally opposed the Iraq War); Smith blasted Mrs. Clinton – who was President Obama’s secretary of state while Benghazi was attacked.

Khan received 50 TIMES more media coverage from the major networks than Smith did.

Khan’s son mattered more than Smith’s son.

It’s not a mystery why: President Obama has already told us that when he sees the poor Muslim refugees fleeing ISIS-controlled areas, he once again focuses on what matters most – his own family. “As a father, I look at Syria’s children and see my own,” said the Father-in-Chief. And thus, ALL Muslim refugees deserve an immediate spot at America’s dinner table. (Plus welfare assistance, free education, free health care, financial help, driver’s licenses, a path to citizenship – vetting be damned!)

Same goes for America’s illegal immigrants: “I see my daughters, my nieces, and my nephews,” the President said. So their lives matter, as well.

But whereas Muslim Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, and the lives of people who look like President Obama’s theoretical family matter, you know who doesn’t matter?

Kate Steinle. James Shaw II. Randy Nordman. Clint Harter. Austin Harter. Michael Capps. Jeremy Watters. Anthony Bologna. Michael Bologna. Matthew Bologna. And so many others.

They were all killed by illegal immigrants.

President Obama spoke about none of them.

He didn’t call their parents. He didn’t champion their cause. He didn’t compare them to his family. He didn’t wistfully tell TV reporters that they could’ve been his son or daughter.

For Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter … but have you noticed that they only matter when the violent actor was a policeman or a white person?

If the violent actor was an illegal immigrant or a black person – i.e. the astronomical black-on-black murder rate in Chicago (2,026 shooting victims in the first seven months of 2016; 75 percent of those murdered are black, and 71 percent of the murderers are black) – then guess what?

Their lives don’t matter anymore.

And the grieving mother won’t receive a phone call from the President.

Here’s a novel idea: All lives matter. No matter the color, religion, creed, or background of the perpetrator OR the victim.

Because LIFE matters.

And in 2016, only one candidate for president is pro-life.


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