Rudy Giuliani to Clinton Campaign, Press: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind?’

Trump and Giuliani AP PhotoSeth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Rudy Giuliani went to bat for Donald Trump during the Republican nominee’s campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Tuesday night after Hillary Clinton’s campaign alleged Trump suggested gun owners assassinate her if she’s elected president.

“I want to tell you how dishonest and how rigged and how corrupt this system is,” Giuliani began. “I have to do it to get it out of the way because I’m really actually disgusted.” He went on:

I listened to Donald Trump’s speech in Wilmington and what he said very clearly was that if Hillary Clinton were elected president she would get to appoint judges to the Supreme Court and among the other things that they would do to destroy us would be to do away with the Second Amendment and your right to bear arms.

“Now, is there anybody here that doubts that?”And then he said, ‘and you have the power to do something about it,’ and what he meant by that was you have the power to vote against her,” Giuliani added. “The Clinton people — this is how corrupt they are —they spin out that what he meant by that was that it was a joke and what he meant by that was is that they would kill her.”

“Now ok, now to buy that you have to be corrupt, because if you said that to me, I would say to you, ‘Are you out of your mind,'” he jabbed. “It proves that most of the press is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. They will buy any lie, any distortion, any spin that the Clintons put out and they’ve been doing it since he was Governor of Arkansas.”

“We’re not going to allow the Washington politicians to get us off course,” Giuliani declared.

The former mayor of New York was referencing backlash following Trump’s afternoon campaign rally in Wilmington, North Carolina where the Clinton campaign portrayed Trump as suggesting gun owners should stop Clinton using violence.


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