Trucker with Naked Wife in Cab Sentenced to 20 Years for Hitting School Bus

Trucker with Naked Wife in Cab Sentenced to 20 Years for Hitting School Bus
Putnam County Sheriff's Office

A judge in Florida sentenced the driver of an 18-wheeler truck with his naked wife in the cab to 20 years in prison for causing a bus crash that seriously injured several children on board.

The judge charged Shannon Ford, 37, with four counts of reckless driving with serious bodily injury and sentenced him to five years in prison for each count, according to WJXT.

The crash happened back in September 2014 when Ford failed to brake for a school bus that slowed down to drop off students.

At the time of the crash, Ford’s wife was naked in the cab because she claimed it was “too hot” and the force of the crash tore off her underwear, KATU reported.

At his sentencing hearing, Ford blamed the trucking company Mo’s Trucking for failing to properly maintain the truck.

A highway patrol officer testified at the hearing that eight out of 10 of the truck’s brakes were defective and that the truck was too dangerous to be on the road, WJXT reported.

The school bus was transporting 15 elementary school children at the time of the crash. Of the 15, seven were injured along with the bus driver.

One boy suffered an open skull fracture while another girl had her leg crushed in the accident.

Ford had numerous driving violations on his record since 2007 and arrests for grand theft, domestic battery, burglary, theft, trespassing, and shoplifting, according to WJXT.


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