Spanish Ads For Hillary: Trump Is Dangerous

Donald Trump Spanish Ad

The Clinton campaign has launched two new Spanish language ads urging Hispanics not to vote for Donald Trump.

“Vote for Trump? I can’t. It’s dangerous and we don’t want to go back,” says Carlos Gutierrez who served as George W. Bush’s Commerce Secretary according to a translation of the ad.


Gitierrez, a Cuban-born American, says that Trump lacks the qualities to be president.

“I’ve been a Republican my entire life, but first I’m an American,” he says. “For me, country first, and then party.”

Another ad features an announcer who argues in Spanish that Trump is not strong.

“Because he shouts insults, Trump thinks he has real strength,” the announcer says, highlighting Trump’s comments about some illegal immigrants ”bringing crime” and being “rapists.”

The ad warns of “El odio de Donald Trump,” warning American Hispanics away from supporting him.


The ad reminds voters Hillary Clinton has worked through her political career for the “ninos” and “familias,” which makes her the strong candidate.

“Soy Hillary Clinton,” notes Hillary at the end of the ad. “And I approve this message.”


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