Students Break Out in ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ When Sound System Fails at High School Volleyball Game


In a break with the recent attacks on our national anthem, when a sound system broke down just as a high school volleyball game was set to begin, instead of ignoring the national anthem, the whole gym full of teenagers raised their voices to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

We have become accustomed to seeing stories with athletes, both professional and amateur, indulging in anti-American protests when the national anthem is played before games, but one high school in Troy, New York, is bucking that trend.

As students at Troy’s Lansingburgh High School prepared for a girls’ volleyball game, the gym sound system broke down and was unable to play the national anthem. Not to be denied their patriotism, instead of remaining quiet as the technicians tried to fix the sound system, the students erupted in song.

The event was caught on video and posted to Youtube:

Not all teens are falling into the trends of anti-Americanism.

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