Pence Moves to Unify America Behind Donald Trump: ‘It’s Time to Come Home’

Pence N.C.

SALISBURY, North Carolina — Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence made the case that the Trump-Pence campaign has won independents and southern Democrats, and now it’s time for Republicans to come home.

“We’ve won over Independents who are tired of the status quo in Washington, D.C. They’re tired of the nation’s capitol getting nothing done. They’re tired of the corruptions and the misdeeds and jobs leaving this country,” said Pence.

We’ve won over many southern Democrats who are tired of the big government liberal policies coming out of our nation’s capitol, trade deals that are costing good, hard working men and women jobs here in North Carolina.

But now I submit to you it’s time to reach out to all of our Republican conservative friends and say with one voice: It’s time to come home! and elect Donald Trump the next President of the United States.

It’s time to come home and elect the Trump-Pence team. And let me be clear on this point, as Donald Trump said yesterday in Naples, it’s time to come home and re-elect Republican majorities in the United States House and United States Senate.

Pence Come Home

Pence spoke of re-electing Rep. Mark Meadows, Sen. Richard Burr, and Gov. Pat McCrory.

Some Republicans had pledged not to vote for Trump in months past. Some have changed their tune since the hard-fought and crowded Republican primary election. Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin now says he will vote for Trump. Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz did not endorse Trump for months after he left the primary race but now says he will vote for and endorses the candidate.

Polls show a narrow margin between Trump and Clinton with a difference no greater than the statistical margin of error in six out of seven recent North Carolina polls included in a RealClearPolitics average. Trump and Clinton have both held the top ranking in North Carolina over the past two months.

“It’s time to come home and come together and do everything in our power to make sure that Hillary Clinton is never elected President of the United States of America and Donald Trump and Republican congress can move this country forward. So that’s the choice we have.”

Encouraging the crowd to go out and tell neighbors and friends to vote, Pence said, “I hope you’re not buyin’ all this media spin that’s out there. I mean this race is on and we’re gonna kick to the finish, but you gotta go tell somebody.”

“She may have the media, the money, and the special interests, but I believe with all my heart, we’ve got the American people,” Pence encouraged the hundreds gathered. “And the American people are going to make this country great again.”

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