Hillary Campaign Panicked When David Brock Made Health an Issue in the Race

Hillary Waves After Collapse AP

The Hillary Clinton campaign freaked out when pro-Clinton operative David Brock tried to make health an issue in the race, just days after a bombshell Breitbart News report calling into question Clinton’s mental health.

Clinton friend and longtime trusted adviser Neera Tanden wrote an email to campaign chairman John Podesta on January 16, 2016, according to Wikileaks’ dump of Podesta’s email inbox.

The subject line simply said “Brock.”

That same day, pro-Clinton super PAC chief David Brock threatened to drop ads attacking Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders and calling for the Vermont socialist to release his full records.

“Maybe he actually is a republican plant,” Tanden wrote in the email to Podesta. “Hard to think of anything more counter productive than demanding Bernie’s medical records.”

Podesta then tweeted at Brock, telling the dirty trickster to “chill out” because this should not be a race about who is in better health.

Breitbart News led the media in covering Hillary Clinton’s health problems. Breitbart News’s Alex Swoyer reported on January 6, 2016, ten days before the Clinton camp’s freakout:

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disappearance from the debate stage last month left people speculating that the former First Lady took a long bathroom break, but now a law-enforcement source with inside connections is alleging that Clinton was missing from the stage due to health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.

These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.


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